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When Is the Most effective Age to Breed Rabbits? Females vs Males


Apr 4, 2023
Rabbits in a cage eat grass. rabbit cage. feeding rabbits


Rabbits in a cage eat grass. rabbit cage. feeding rabbits

If you system to elevate rabbits, there is a large amount to know about how and when to breed them properly. One particular of the most essential components is the age of the rabbit. Rabbits turn out to be sexually mature pretty early, and female rabbits access sexual maturity extra quickly than males. On regular, a woman rabbit can be bred concerning 3 and 7 months of age. For males, the regular is about 8 months.

A few of extenuating situation could induce the figures previously mentioned to transform. To discover what they are and understand far more about breeding rabbits, go through on!


At What Age Can Distinct Rabbit Species Commence to Breed?

We mentioned in the introduction that a pair of extenuating situations can change the timing of when a rabbit can breed. The most significant of these instances is the style and dimensions of rabbit you prepare to breed. The smaller the rabbit, the before it can breed. Beneath are 3 illustrations:

Polish Rabbit

This small rabbit can commence earning toddlers at 3 to 4 months of age.

New Zealand Rabbit

The New Zealand rabbit is a medium-sized bunny that can begin breeding at all around 5 to 7 months.

Flemish Giant Rabbit

This substantial rabbit from Flanders is one of the largest in the world. Feminine Flemish Giants must be bred the 1st time when they are at least 7 months aged.

two Rabbits in a Nest
Picture Credit history: Bragapictures, Shutterstock

How Quite a few Occasions Can Rabbits Mate for every Year?

If you’ve ever listened to the term “breeding like rabbits,” you may well speculate what it is about this animal that lets them to make so numerous toddlers so promptly. Rabbits can start off breeding at a pretty early age compared to numerous mammals. That’s only component of the tale given that quite a few other components enable them to breed a lot more often.

The to start with of all those elements is the limited gestation interval rabbits have, between 25 and 33 days. With gestation this rapid, a female rabbit can have many litters a year. The typical in the wild is 3 to five litters for every calendar year. Then there is the point that women can develop into pregnant inside of a few hours of offering beginning and can wean their babies although pregnant.

In other text, while a woman rabbit normally has 3 to five litters for every year, it can technically have involving 8 and 11 litters if bred non-halt. Nonetheless, overbreeding a rabbit is just as harmful as overbreeding a doggy, cat, or another animal, in particular for the female of the species.

Can Male Rabbits Stay With their Infants?

Immediately after providing beginning, which for rabbits is called kindling, most breeders take away the male rabbit from the feminine and her infants, known as kits. The motive why, nonetheless, is not that the male is a threat to its kits, as most are gentle with them and will trigger them no damage.

It is for the reason that the male can impregnate the female within just hours of her providing delivery, which is one thing respected rabbit breeders do not want to happen.

Why Do Rabbits Breed So Quickly and Profusely?

If you’re asking yourself what it is about rabbits that make them these prolific breeders, the answer is simple they are at the lower close of the food chain. In the wild, rabbits are food for a lot of animals, which includes the fox, wolf, birds of prey these as the hawk, badgers, snakes, and raccoons.

Since they are hunted by so many substantial predators, much less than 25% of rabbits make it to 1 calendar year of age, and a lot of are killed a lot before. In other words and phrases, the purpose rabbits make so quite a few toddlers is that most of them don’t survive, and without the need of a lot of new rabbits becoming born, the species would go extinct.

Can a Brother and Sister Rabbit Breed?

Mating a brother and sister animal, referred to as inbreeding, is usually frowned on in the breeding local community, no issue the animal. The exact same goes for rabbits, and most rabbit breeding authorities really don’t breed siblings owing to the danger of birth defects and passing on faulty genes from a person generation to the following.

There is, however, one educate of considered that claims breeding sibling rabbits can, in some situations, be a superior point. For case in point, if you possess two rabbits with fantastic genes, the chance they pass people genes safely down to some of their kits is significant. The downside, nevertheless, is that some of the kits will will need to be culled (aka euthanized) because of to flaws or deformities in their wellness or character.

two blue rex rabbits
Impression Credit rating: SeraphP, Shutterstock

What Is Line Breeding in Rabbits?

Line breeding rabbits is when a father rabbit breeds with its daughter or a mom rabbit with its son. This may possibly sound horrific to us, but in the rabbit world, there are some benefits to this breeding course of action. For example, if your buck and doe have fantastic genes with enviable characteristics, line breeding can aid you “line up” those people genes, so to communicate, and go them down from a person generation to the upcoming. It need to be claimed, nevertheless, that culling some of the resultant kits will probably be vital.

How Quite a few Times Can You Breed the Identical Rabbit Doe?

As with several mammals, male rabbits can breed virtually everyday with no real repercussions or detriment to their wellbeing. A doe, even so, can grow to be harmful if allowed to breed far too typically or as well promptly in captivity. Usually, a doe is rebred soon after 35 to 42 times if its kits are meant to be exhibit or pet rabbits.

When bred for foods, on the other hand, breeding is typically much a lot more normally. To make sure that their breeding doe inventory stays wholesome, most breeders restrict their breeding to six or seven instances a year.


What Breeding Issues Do Rabbits Have?

As we’ve seen, rabbits breed prolifically, primarily if they are nutritious. Nonetheless, quite a few challenges can trigger a drop in rabbit breeding or a overall absence of it.

The Period

From late summer season via early winter season, most rabbits will be less sexually energetic. This is a normal occurrence and very little to stress about.

Superior Temperatures

If the temperature soars over 85℉ for 5 or far more days, rabbit bucks can turn out to be temporarily sterile. Bucks really should usually be stored in the coolest part of their enclosure to stop this.

Previous Age

Older does and bucks will breed much less instances than young ones, which is common amid most mammals. The more mature the rabbit, whether a doe or buck, the less moments for each calendar year they will procreate.

beige rabbit on grass
Graphic Credit history: Mike B, Pexels

Being overweight

Obese rabbits of both of those sexes have a tendency to mate much significantly less than rabbits of a healthful body weight. This is specifically true for overweight bucks as their sexual need can drop precipitously.

Nutritionally Poor Food stuff

Rabbits fed nutrient-deficient foodstuff will breed much significantly less than those people offered a healthier, nutritious diet regime.


Final Feelings

Female rabbits can start out breeding amongst 3 months and 7 months, depending on the sort and dimension of the rabbits being bred. Male rabbits can commence breeding, on average, at about 8 months. At the time sexually mature, rabbits mate profusely, and a doe can have 11 litters a yr. Even so, most breeders restrict the number of times their girls can grow to be pregnant to continue to keep them healthful and help them generate healthful kits. Rabbits begin breeding pretty young and can make many babies in a relatively short time!

Showcased Image Credit history: Kolomiyets Viktoriya, Shutterstock

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