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Where Do Wild Rabbits Slumber? (Wild vs. Domestic Behavior)


Feb 28, 2023
Rabbit Nest


Rabbit Nest

Rabbits can be uncovered on each continent in the world other than Antarctica. There are about 29 species of wild rabbits and close to 305 domesticated breeds. Cottontail rabbits are the most commonly identified species in North America. They’re also considerable in South and Central The us. There are above 15 cottontail rabbit species.

The Japanese cottontail rabbit tends to be the most normally identified species in the US. As crepuscular creatures, Jap cottontail rabbits are most energetic throughout the hours shut to dawn and dusk. When some rabbits dig burrows to stay in, most cottontail rabbits choose to relaxation in shallow depressions over ground that are generally coated by thick brush or grass.


Wherever Do Cottontail Rabbits Reside?

Cottontail rabbits can be discovered all over North and South The us, together with Canada, Brazil, Panama, Mexico, and Suriname. In North The us, Jap cottontails are the most normally witnessed rabbit species in the Japanese US, though they can now be discovered in New Mexico and Arizona.

Male Eastern cottontail rabbits often have ranges that max out at 8 acres, but several are content with 1 acre if there is enough foods to be uncovered. Ladies typically have lesser territories than males, with most obtaining ranges shut to 3 acres. Unlike other species that dig burrows, cottontails make their residences over ground in depressions covered by shrubs, useless leaves, and twigs. They are also identified to sleep underneath decks in suburban neighborhoods.

mountain cottontail rabbit on grass
Picture Credit rating: Paul Brennan, Pixabay

How Long Do Wild Jap Cottontail Rabbits Are living?

Eastern cottontail rabbits in North America ordinarily are living for 1 to 9 years, although the common is closer to 2 decades. Domesticated animals frequently make it to 10 many years. Wild rabbits are prey animals in most environments, so an enhance in predators can final result in a fall in rabbit numbers.

Canines, cats, prey birds, and bobcats all prey on rabbits. They are also hunted in quite a few states in the US. Rabbits in some spots are also struggling the consequences of habitat loss.

What Do Wild Jap Cottontail Rabbits Eat?

Japanese cottontail rabbits are herbivores, indicating their bodies are built to get nutrition from plant matter. They normally take in supplies like clover, grass, and dandelions. During colder months, they eat twigs, seeds, and bark when food items will become harder to come across.

They’re notorious for nibbling on backyard veggies all through the spring and summer months months. They normally desire to take in during dusk and dawn but often take in at night through winter.

eastern cottontail rabbit eating
Impression Credit score: Rabbitti, Shutterstock

Are Wild Cottontail Rabbits Different from Domestic Rabbits?

Certainly. Domestic rabbits have a widespread ancestor, the European rabbit. They appear in several colours and can weigh any place from 2 to near to 20 kilos. There are more than 300 domesticated bunny breeds, and there are animals of different sizes, colors, fur lengths, and temperaments to select from.

Most cottontail rabbits have brown or gray-brown fur and white undersides. They also are likely to be fairly nervous all over individuals. Most weigh among 2 to 6 lbs ., even though there are exceptions. Domestic rabbits and cottontail rabbits are different species. The two are so distinctive that they can not even generate offspring if they mate. They also have different methods of nesting. Domestic bunnies burrow, whilst cottontail rabbits favor snuggling up in shallow over-ground depressions.

Can Domestic Bunnies Mate With Any Wild Rabbits?

Yes! Most domestic rabbits are members of the similar species as European rabbits. It’s attainable for domestic rabbits and wild European rabbits uncovered in the United kingdom and on the European continent to breed and develop offspring.

two european rabbits foraging in the dark at night
Image Credit score: Rudmer Zwerver, Shutterstock

Can You Tame a Wild Japanese Cottontail Rabbit?

Wild rabbits are scared of people, and most balanced older people check out folks as threats and run when approached. Some could bite or kick when taken care of. If you accidentally disturb a nest whilst mowing your lawn, attempt to set items back again as near to the way they have been as feasible.

Check out to see if the mom returns, which is the most likely final result. Make contact with a community wildlife rehabilitator for help if you uncover orphaned rabbit babies. Resist the urge to feed the toddler or give it water, as this can develop challenges, specially if the animal needs professional medical exams or therapy.

How Often Do Wild Jap Cottontail Rabbits Reproduce?

Jap cottontail rabbits have rather shorter gestation durations of close to 28 times. Female rabbits can mate just about immediately soon after providing delivery, and most have 3 or four litters for each yr. Feminine Jap cottontail rabbits frequently give start to litters different in dimension from just one to 9 kits, but four or five is closer to ordinary.

Mating season lasts from February through September. Kits are typically weaned right after about 3 months and grow to be unbiased and strike out on their have when they strike 7 months. Most arrive at sexual maturity when they’re close to 3 months aged.



Eastern cottontails are the most popular wild rabbits in the US. In contrast to domestic bunnies and other rabbit species, cottontails like sleeping earlier mentioned floor surrounded by thickets and leaves for security. Most Eastern cottontail rabbits stay short life, ordinarily all-around 2 yrs or so, but these lifted in captivity can live a great deal lengthier. Having said that, cottontails are unsuitable animals considering that they are scared of people and are not as light as domestic species.

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