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Why Do Cats Like Keyboards? 5 Exciting Good reasons

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If you work on your laptop or computer or laptop from home and very own a cat, you are going to know how usually they bounce on to the keyboard as you type. They appear to be to often gravitate towards your computer when you truly will need to get get the job done done for a deadline, and it can at times be frustrating actions. So why do cats do this? We have identified 5 good reasons that can response these questions examine on to uncover out the solution and find out what you can do to prevent your cat from bugging you as you perform.

The 5 Factors Cats Like Your Keyboard

1. The Keyboard Is In close proximity to You

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Cats are social creatures. While some cats may possibly seem to be indifferent to their human family, studies exhibit1 cats can love their people today even extra than dogs do. They also found that cats like to commit time with their individuals about meals and toys in certain conditions, and they have the identical attachment fees to human beings as human toddlers do.

For case in point, when you’re functioning, your cat might leap onto the keyboard just because they want to be close to you.

2. Your Cat Desires Your Attention

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If your cat is bonded to you, it’ll turn to you for far more than just food stuff. Cats are extremely attuned to their owner’s thoughts and seem to them to tutorial their own feelings about a condition. It’s apparent, then, that your cat will want your attention at sure points, and they’ll do no matter what they can to get it. Cats have shown that they adjust their behavior in accordance to how attentive their proprietors are, and they’re intelligent animals capable of adapting to scenarios.

For case in point, if you’re concentrating on your perform and typing away, your cat could possibly make your mind up that sitting down on the keyboard is the most effective way to get your attention. Your cat may want you to demonstrate it really like or could will need foods. It is possible that no make any difference what the explanation for seeking it is, your cat finds that stopping you from doing the job is the greatest way to get your interest. We even boost this as we end doing work when they do it, mostly to explain to them to get off!

3. It’s Warm

Image Credit history: Simon Hrozian, Unsplash

Cats enjoy warm, sunny destinations and cozy places upcoming to radiators. It is frequent to see cats sunning themselves on windowsills, so it tends to make sense that cats will make a beeline for heat, cozy sitting spots.

Your computer system keyboard will make for a flat, at ease area which is warm if it is a laptop computer. Cats like to seek out warm parts mainly because their bodies run marginally warmer than ours (101. to 102.5°F), so the quick atmosphere can truly feel a little chilly. A cat’s thermoregulatory environment is ordinarily cooler, this means cats will search for out locations of heat to compensate for this.

4. They are Curious

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Cats should master new info to endure, these types of as acquiring out when prey is most active or investigating where by a rival is developing territory. This investigation, finding out, seeking, and observing is curiosity, and your cat might simply just be curious as to what you’re performing sitting in the same place and typing away all day!

Cats are clever, and more intelligence is joined to curiosity and the ability to search for out new mastering ordeals your cat could possibly be hunting to get some thing new out of sitting down on your keyboard and looking at you get the job done.

5. They are Playful

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Enjoy is vital to the development and well-staying of kittens and cats. Kittens master all about their planet when they engage in close to, and more mature cats can exhibit standard, natural behaviors when taking part in that they may well not get the probability to do or else.

Cats that engage in with their proprietor are expanding their bond your cat may bounce on to your keyboard just about every time it comes out since they see the keyboard as a fun and fascinating toy! If your cat crouches down and readies itself to pounce when you are typing, they are most likely viewing your fingers on the keyboard somewhat than the keys them selves.

How Can I Cease My Cat From Sitting on My Keyboard?

There are strategies you can discourage your cat from sitting down on your keyboard even though you’re operating, but any method you use must usually be beneficial. Your cat wants to be shut to you because they really like you, and it could even need reassurance from you that they’re alright.

In addition, cats are stoic and really superior at hiding issues or emotional turbulence. Because of this, your cat sidling up to you on the keyboard could be their way of sensation protected and secure.

If you need to have to get your cat off your notebook even though you perform, nevertheless, there are a number of approaches you can do this as positively as probable.

Play With Your Cat

The initially point to check out could possibly appear counter-successful, but halting what you are doing and actively playing with your cat for 10 minutes or so could be what receives them off the keyboard for the rest of the day. Cats have to have stimulation and passion from their owners, so giving them a handful of moments of notice could be all they have to have until finally you’re finished for the day.

Deliver Toys

Distracting them with a toy, these kinds of as an interactive toy or a puzzle feeder, is also a excellent choice. These can be terrific boredom busters that maintain cats entertained while you get the job done and can be positioned near your desk so your cat doesn’t get lonely as they perform.

Provide an Choice Location

Environment up a cozy and warm place right up coming to your keyboard can also soothe your cat. Cats love large sites, so a comfy mattress on your desk or raised from the floor can supply a snuggly location for your cat to nap in although you function.


Cats like keyboards mainly since we interact with them. When we use them, we have keyboards straight in entrance of us, and they’re usually having up the notice that our cats want for them selves. Keyboards on laptops are warm, so your cat might like to snooze on them when we’re not making use of them.

Cats usually want to be in the vicinity of us, so a keyboard might be the best position to be close to their entrepreneurs. Regardless of what the explanation, we can allow our cats sleep and sit on our keyboards or carefully persuade them to shift elsewhere with playtime or far more cozy resting spots. It’s up to you to decrease those cat-created typos, but your cat will respect the time expended with you irrespective!

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