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Why Do Cats Like Sitting on Laps So Much? Facts & FAQ


Apr 24, 2023
cat sitting on owners lap_Pixel-Shot, Shutterstock


cat sitting on owners lap_Pixel-Shot, Shutterstock

If you notice your cat sitting or relaxing in your lap often, you may wonder what causes this behavior. If you believe your cat is simply searching for a cozy place to rest, you should think again, as this behavior is one of the most common signs of love and trust in cats.

Cats are most vulnerable while sleeping, so if they choose your lap instead of their personal space, they probably trust you unconditionally. Read on to find out more.


Are All Cats Lap Cats?

Each cat has a unique personality, but it still may surprise you that some pet parents differentiate their feline companions as lap cats or non-lap cats. Most cats might enjoy the warmth and security of their owner’s lap, but if your cat is not fond of this habit, don’t worry! Some cats simply don’t prefer resting and napping in their owner’s lap, which should never be confused with their trust. Because many people fear their cat may be uninterested in them or indifferent, finding out that your cat’s love language doesn’t include cuddles can be very helpful.

Whether your cat enjoys this activity depends on a few factors, such as their history with previous owners, breed, and even the outside temperature. Some cats don’t like the company of other animals, so if a dog has sat on your lap before, it can be a strong indicator of why a cat won’t sit there. Some cats prefer their independence and enjoy sitting and resting on their own.

orange cat on woman's lap at home
Image Credit: cottonbro studio, Pexels

Why Does Your Cat Sit on Your Lap?

There are many reasons why cats may like sitting on their owner’s laps, and the most common reason is the sense of security and trust. Your lap is a warm and safe place for your cat to rest. It can be the most significant sign of affection since cats spend most of their time with trustworthy people. Think of this act as a cat’s way of saying they love you and have faith in you. If a cat, or a pet in general, can fall asleep in your arms or your lap, they trust you to keep them safe.

Cats are in their most vulnerable state when they are sleeping, so make sure to let them know it is safe to sleep by your side.

cat sleeping on owner's lap
Image Credit: Karpova, Shutterstock

How to Tell if My Cat Trusts Me?

There are many signs your cat loves and trusts you, and beside them sitting in your lap, you can look out for other behavior. While some cats are affectionate, others are independent, but that doesn’t mean they don’t show love. If you create a strong bond with your pet, you will surely be able to recognize affection.

When cats trust people and want to show affection, they may try to groom or rub their heads against their owners. When the cat sits in your lap, it may knead, which is a cat’s way of saying it is relaxed and content.

Cats may follow you around, greet you when you come home, and show their belly to you, which are all ultimate signs of love and trust.

Even with the most independent and, at first glance, indifferent cats, there will be signs of affection. They say that eyes are windows to the soul, so if your cat seems cold and uninterested, make sure to look deep into their eyes. If your cat blinks slowly while gazing at you with a relaxed look, they trust you and know they are safe next to you.divider-cat

Final Thoughts

As we all know, cats are fascinating and mysterious beings, but with these little acts of love, we can see how they think and feel about their pet parents. While you may think cats are entirely independent and indifferent to you, they only have their own way of showing affection and a special love language that needs translation. Sitting on your lap is one of these unique ways of expressing love and trust, so the next time your cat sits on your lap, make sure to give back some love too!

Featured Image Credit: Pixel Shot, Shutterstock

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