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Why Do Cats Scratch? Everything You Have to have to Know!


Feb 2, 2023
male shelter cat destroying furniture with front claws


male shelter cat destroying furniture with front claws

As a cat owner, 1 of the most aggravating things about your feline companion is that they want to sharpen their claws and scratch every thing in the house. You most likely simply cannot count the quantity of instances you’ve stopped your cat from clawing the sofa, walls, carpet, or other household furniture.

It’s nothing at all that cat house owners haven’t dealt with since the commencing of time, but that doesn’t make it any less difficult to offer with. Have you ever wondered why your cat scratches? We’ll dive into why cats scratch and give you some guidelines to stop it under.


What Is Viewed as Cat Scratching?

Scratching is when a cat normally takes its claws and drags them around a horizontal or vertical surface area. Cat scratching is also termed stropping, which is ordinary for your feline. Having said that, just because it’s standard doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to put up with it.

Even nevertheless your cat’s scratching can be aggravating, it is crucial to under no circumstances halt the actions by owning your cat’s claws eradicated. This is lousy for the cat and can stop in disaster if your cat receives outside, will get missing, and can not defend by itself.

You really do not want to make your cat halt the behavior entirely. Instead, you require to fully grasp why your cat scratches every thing, and then abide by the guidelines below to get your cat to scratch anything far more correct, like a nicely-made scratching put up.

cat claws when kneading
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1. Marking Their Territory

Scratching is a rapid way for your feline to mark its territory. If you’ve observed your cat scratching the front door region, the doors into the dwelling area and other spots of the property, or even their favorite sleeping places, it’s due to the fact they in some way feel that their territory is remaining challenged in people areas, and are marking the web-site as their possess.

For illustration, if you obtain the cat clawing the couch in the den, it could be due to the fact it’s marking it with its very own scent.

2. It’s a Sort of Exercising

If your cat is comfy with his surroundings and is aware it’s the boss, its scratching could be a variety of exercise for the cat, particularly if the cat is strictly held indoors. A scratching session assists your cat to extend its legs, paws, and back. It’s comparable to what men and women do when they to start with wake up in the early morning or from an afternoon nap.

long haired cat stretching in an outdoor catio
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3. Sharpening Their Claws

Scratching is the perfect way for a cat to hone and sharpen its claws. This is how your cat eliminates the useless outer husk of their claws, serving to to reveal the new claw beneath. This is important for your cat’s overall health, so make guaranteed you have anything that the cat can sharpen its claws on devoid of having into difficulties for carrying out it.

4. It’s Their Intuition

If your cat lived in the wild, it would be like its ancestors and use trees to sharpen its claws. This was accomplished so that the cat could maintain its claws clear and sharp to hunt and defend by itself. Each individual cat has this instinct, so it’s vital that you assist your cat be equipped to hone their claws, maintain them cleanse, and do what comes naturally to the feline.

close up of a cat's face and claws
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How Do You Quit Inappropriate Scratching by Your Feline?

Although you now understand why your cat tends to claw all the things in your home, you still can’t have the cat tearing up the walls, home furniture, and anything else you personal, so what do you do? How do you end your cat’s inappropriate scratching? We’ll give you a number of recommendations to adhere to in the area below.

Make the Surface Unappealing

If your cat doesn’t like the floor it is striving to scratch, it won’t use it as a scratching post any longer. You can spray the floor with a citrus scent or go over it with aluminum foil until eventually the cat presents up on scratching that item.

A small gray kitten plays with foil and a ball
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Get Your Cat a Scratching Publish

A scratching submit is an outstanding alternative to your cat’s scratching issue. However, if you’ve seen that your cat will put its total body into the scratching, you require to obtain a scratching put up that is twice as tall as your cat and created of normal fibers, these kinds of as sisal rope.

It’s also a superior strategy to watch how your cat scratches. Does it scratch horizontally or vertically? As soon as you know how the cat scratches, pick out a scratching submit that you know it’ll delight in. You are going to be in a position to obtain horizontal and vertical scratching posts practically any place scratching posts are sold.


Ultimate Thoughts

Cat scratching is solely ordinary actions for your feline pal, so you don’t want to discourage the cat from doing what comes normally. However, you never want the cat to shred everything in your house. Subsequent the guidelines earlier mentioned will aid you suppress cat scratching. Even so, if the guidelines really do not work for you, you can request your vet for suggestions or speak to a cat behavioral expert.

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