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Why Do Cats Wiggle Prior to They Pounce? Feline Behavior Described


Feb 13, 2023
cat in hunting position


cat in hunting position

If you have at any time owned a cat, it is guaranteed that you have noticed them wiggle their butt. Social media also has plenty of GIFs and films highlighting cats performing the finest butt-wiggling that you’ve at any time observed! So, why just do they do this? Why do cats wiggle before they pounce on some thing?

The basic rationalization is that there is no easy explanation. We really don’t know particularly why cats do this. Nonetheless, industry experts believe that it is a mix of screening traction, preparation, and only for the reason that it is enjoyment.

We get into anything about butt wiggles listed here, so you can fully grasp your cat’s conduct much better.


Are Cats Just Strange?

We love cats and are usually perplexed by them, and indeed, they can be kind of odd. Cats are complete of bizarre and quirky behaviors, and the butt wiggle is just a different to increase to the record.

However, they do feel to do all the things for a reason—even while sometimes we may possibly assume that they are remaining annoying on reason!

We see the renowned butt wiggle conduct when the cat is doing the job them selves up to pounce on unsuspecting or sometimes suspecting prey. It’s commonly a toy or your palms and feet, especially when they are underneath a blanket. But why do they do this somewhat inexplicable behavior?

cat hunting outdoors
Impression Credit: katya-guseva0, Pixabay

Prepares Them for the Significant Soar

No just one is aware for positive why they do this, as there haven’t been quite a few reports on it. But some veterinarians think that it is how cats physically put together them selves for the chase and pounce. Even big cats (lions, leopards, tigers, and so on.) sometimes interact in this wiggling conduct.

When cats stroll, their legs alternate, but when they leap and pounce, they use their back again legs at the same time. They have a massive sum of electricity in these hind legs, which are instrumental in the huge jumps that they are in a position to make.

People strong legs are crucial for the cat to catch their foods and escape danger. Cats can soar about six times their height, so a 10-inch-tall cat can bounce about 5 toes!

The butt wiggle might just be like warming up prior to a training: stretching these muscle tissue before the all-critical pounce.

Presents Them Traction

It’s also believed that cats are attempting to assure that they have enough traction prior to they launch by themselves at their prey. The wiggle could be offering the cat’s hind legs further invest in, pushing the back legs down so they’ll pounce at whole pace when they drive off.

They are also perhaps screening the strength of the ground. If there are unfastened stones or gravel, wiggling and taking small actions can give them additional safety for a prosperous leap. The wiggle fundamentally helps cats identify how strong the floor is and whether or not they can soar safely.

red tabby cat in pain walking on grass outdoor
Picture Credit history: lagunabluemolly, Pixabay

For Pleasurable

Hunting prey undoubtedly creates a sense of exhilaration and anticipation in cats. It’s feasible that the wiggle can help them enable off a little bit of steam. Releasing extra electricity right before zeroing in for the eliminate might support describe the butt wiggle.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter produced by the physique and utilised by the anxious process. It is responsible for satisfaction sensations based on certain things to do. For cats, dopamine can be produced whilst playing and hunting, which can affect how they hunt.

The dopamine fires although the cat is waiting around to pounce, and the wiggle may possibly be supporting them zero in on their prey. As soon as the cat has failed or been successful in catching the prey, the dopamine stops firing.

Is the Wiggle Instinctual or Purposeful?

Contemplating that looking is a important element of their perform, the wiggle is probably both of those intuition and intentional. When they are kittens, pretty much all their participate in revolves close to understanding searching abilities.

They stalk, pounce, bite, and grab each individual other, which functions like schooling for when they need to have to use these expertise as grownups. This style of participate in also will help them produce and exercise their muscle mass.

When you view athletes just before a massive match or levels of competition, they do a terrific deal of swinging, shaking, and stretching their limbs. This is the human system of butt-wiggling. When we do these warming-up routines, it’s instinctual but also intentional.

long haired cat stretching in an outdoor catio
Picture Credit score: SariMe, Shutterstock

How Does Stalking and Pouncing Function?

Before a cat pounces, they get started by stalking their prey, which they are exceptionally talented at. They are purely natural hunters thanks to their overall flexibility, tail built to enable them stability, great perception of odor, and eyes that can detect even the slightest motion.

They are skilled at noiselessly approaching their prey, and when they are near more than enough, they’ll get into the pounce position.

Cats ready them selves for a pounce by crouching low to the ground. You will detect that their eyes are dilated, and they are fairly tense and still, with tiny system movement. They’ll even flatten their ears, so they’ll be more challenging to location.

Cats that are not specified the chance to stalk and pounce anything, whether a toy mouse or your ft, will become miserable and harmful. They’ll shred your home furniture and their enjoy will develop into overly intense.

Make a level of participating in with your cat as a great deal as achievable. Use toys like feather wands or dangling toys to interact their looking instincts.

Do All Cats Do the Butt Wiggle?

For the most element, all cats can wiggle their butts, but they will not constantly wiggle just before a pounce. You might come across that some cats have obvious wiggles and others have refined ones.

Some cats never ever appear to wiggle at all! Just mainly because a cat is crouched into a pouncing posture doesn’t assurance a butt wiggle. That explained, it is widespread and lovely habits.

cat jumping outdoor
Graphic Credit rating: Nils Jacobi, Shutterstock




Looking habits is innate to all cats, which also involves the butt wiggle. It all begins with the stalking and ends with the pounce. With their instincts and lightning pace, cats are remarkable at catching things—even flies in midair!

Whether or not the wiggle is used to hold the cat well balanced or give them additional traction or it is just simply because they are energized, we hope that they preserve on carrying out it!

Showcased Graphic Credit history: Karsten Paulick, Pixabay

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