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Why Do Puppies Lick Blood? (6 Feasible Factors)


Feb 6, 2023
dog injured Wound on paw


dog injured Wound on paw

It can be relating to when you detect your canine licking the blood from your wound. Not only is a dog licking blood hazardous for the pet, but it can also be risky to you. Nonetheless, there are a couple of good reasons that canines lick up blood when they see or odor it. We’ll give you 6 feasible explanations your canine licks blood and solution a several widespread concerns in the manual beneath.


The 6 Motives Why Canine Lick Blood

1. Intuition

puppy licking a senior dog
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It is a dog’s intuition to lick its wounds. Most animals have the similar intuition, so no matter whether it is you, the floor, one more pet dog they get along with, or themselves, when a canine smells blood, it is ordinary for the pet dog to lick it.

Licking a wound is useful to canines who are living in the wild. After all, they can’t reach the initial assist package, so licking the wound is their way to market therapeutic, which we’ll examine in the rest of the guide.

2. Speeds Therapeutic (In Canine)

When a canine is bleeding, the first factor they do is lick the wound for the reason that the licking speeds the therapeutic for canines. However, you ought to under no circumstances allow your canine lick your wounds, as it can lead to ailments and bacterial infections.

For the dog, it is a way to velocity up the therapeutic time and thoroughly clean the wound. On the other hand, it is not the finest way to speed up your therapeutic time, so refrain from letting your pet dog lick your wounds.

3. Ache Aid (In Canines)

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Dogs also lick their wounds as a type of soreness relief. The licking releases endorphins, which are a natural discomfort killer for pet dogs. The endorphins relieve the soreness and make the canine joyful, just as they do with human beings.

Canines are the exact as people in this regard. For illustration, when you strike your elbow on the doorframe, you automatically rub it to minimize the ache.

4. Predator Prevention (In Dogs)

In the wild, predators are attracted to the odor of blood. They will speedily assault weak, wounded prey due to the fact they are simpler to get rid of. Puppies lick away the blood so predators will not be drawn to the smell. This is also why female dogs lick the blood away from in which they give beginning, to defend by themselves and their puppies from predators. Predator prevention is not essential as substantially for domestic pets, but the instinct however stays.

5. Fascinated in the Odor of the Wound (In Individuals)

Large white Shepherd licking a wound on the knee of a little girl
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Your canine could be intrigued in how your wound smells. It is not automatically the blood the pet is intrigued in it could be the infection and odor the wound is providing off as a substitute. The puppy appreciates that you are wounded and is checking on your overall health.

6. Therapeutic and Cleansing (In Humans)

As you currently know, canine can be pretty protective of their pet mom and dad. Seeking to lick your wound is the dog’s way of cleaning it, keeping you safe and sound from predators, and supporting the harm to recover. While it is a pretty sweet and caring detail your puppy is making an attempt to do, it’s finest not to permit your pet dog lick your wounds, as it can make you and your doggy ill.


Why Dogs Lick Blood FAQ

Now that you know why a dog licks blood off the ground, on on their own, and even on you if they can, we’ll respond to some of the most prevalent queries in the FAQ part underneath.

Can Canines Get a Style for Blood?

It is lengthy been a well-liked fantasy that if your canine licks blood off the ground or licks your blood, it will get a flavor for blood and be like a wild puppy. There has never been any evidence discovered that this fantasy is accurate.

Dog with licking tongue
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How Do You Reduce Your Pet from Licking Blood?

Though puppy saliva does have therapeutic properties, the dangers considerably outweigh the positive aspects when it will come to allowing your doggy lick your wounds. You can avert your doggy from licking your wounds by cleaning and covering the injuries with a Band-Support or bandage as quickly as it takes place. You can also disregard the pet and stroll absent when it begins to lick you.

The finest way to avert a pet dog from licking its personal wounds is to purchase an e-collar which will quit the puppy from being ready to access its wounds. If you just cannot maintain your canine from licking its wounds, it is finest to talk to your vet for additional recommendations.



No pet mother or father needs to imagine of their dog licking blood off the floor or licking wounds the assumed can make you a little bit queasy. Even so, it aids to know the factors for this odd habits. Though pet saliva has healing properties, the dangers considerably outweigh the benefits in this circumstance. You and your pet can get unwell from your puppy licking your wounds, and there are some disorders, this sort of as rabies, that you simply cannot get better from. The best matter to do is not enable your pet dog lick your wounds but depart the wound healing to the specialists.

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