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Why Does My Cat Appreciate My Shoes? 7 Causes Why


Mar 29, 2023
Grey Short Haired Kitten rubbing against the shoes


Grey Short Haired Kitten rubbing against the shoes

Cats are intriguing animals. A person moment, they’re performing aloof, and the next minute, they want to be cuddled. They’re also in a natural way curious, which suggests they like to poke their paws into boxes and everything they truly feel intrigued by.

Their curiosity should not shock you, thinking of they frequently get in trouble. As a cat proprietor, you will have to have noticed that your small good friend enjoys your footwear. You are going to discover them snuggling, licking, and even stealing your footwear.

So why do cats enjoy sneakers? Right here are some of the possible reasons.


The 7 Reasons Why Cats Like Footwear

1. Cats Mark Their Territory

If your cat loves rolling all around on your footwear and keeps rubbing its head towards your sneakers, it could possibly be marking its territory. Cats launch pheromones, chemical compounds that share data about their id, from the glands on their head.

Your sneakers may smell like you, and your cat may possibly want to claim them. Head-butting is a frequent way cats do this. But if your feline close friend feels a little bit adventurous, it may well urine mark or spray your favorite shoes to generate turf boundaries.

cat rubbing face on man's leg
Graphic Credit score: AlenaBalotnik, Shutterstock

2. They Like Playing With Shoelaces

If your cat has at any time experienced a string toy, you would know how a great deal felines appreciate strings. The curiosity could appear from a cat’s purely natural prey drive, exactly where they hunt mice whose tails resemble strings. Perhaps, cats just enjoy the way strings go. Who is aware!

When cats dwell in the wild, they enjoy with everything from twigs and bugs to mice and fairly significantly something that can shift. Domestic cats also share this fascination, which is why they are captivated to shoelaces. Their innate drive to entertain by themselves and learn about things would make them appreciate footwear so a lot.

3. Footwear Are Heat and Cozy

Do you have 1 of those people fluffy slippers you wear at household throughout winter to hold your feet pleasant and toasty? Your cat may possibly also appreciate that pair for the very same reasons—comfort and coziness.

Dependent on your cat’s size, it may possibly be cozy for them to curl in the embrace of a fluffy pair of shoes. Sneakers also keep your feet’s warmth, earning them a snug location for kittens in winter.

Once again, your sneakers have that smell your cat is so acquainted with. So, it may possibly truly feel comfy resting in your footwear when you are not about.

4. They Like the Smell

Speaking of scents, cats like the smell of their individuals. Considering that your shoes scent like you, you are going to discover your feline buddy sniffing about.

It might surprise you, but cats have a lot stronger olfactory responses than people. In point, their receptors are 40 periods much better. They also have a scent-detecting organ in their mouths. The vomeronasal organ allows them pick up pungent odors.

Which is how cats differentiate concerning scents. For instance, they can smell threat, this sort of as citrus fruits, and know they should steer very clear of the spot. Equally, when they smell you, they realize the familiarity and scurry all around the shoe station.

cat nose
Image Credit rating: miezekieze, Pixabay

5. Cats Like Scratching

Scratching is a ordinary conduct for cats. They will need to scratch to convey their feelings or mark objects with their scent. At times, they just scratch a surface to get a fantastic extend, whereas, at other situations, they do it to take away useless nails.

No matter what the explanation could be, your sneakers offer a very good area for your cats to scratch. They may well dig their claws in, chunk them, or rub their faces versus your sneakers.

6. Sneakers Offer a Comfy Sleeping Place

Cats do not have the exact sleeping preferences as their proprietors. While you could locate it challenging to section with your mattress, your cat may well uncover your shoe to be the most cozy location for a nap.

Cats slumber for up to 15 several hours everyday, dependent on their breed. So, they have to have to have comfy sleeping places all-around the house.

7. They Get Bored and Want Attention

If you usually uncover your cat around the shoe location, they may be bored and want your interest. For occasion, if you see that your cat is purring way too substantially and rubbing its head versus your sneakers, they want you to enjoy with them.

Sometimes, cats could chew on your footwear if they are bored. In this sort of scenarios, you should really provide them with other kinds of entertainment, these as a toy. You can also do items with them that you know they take pleasure in. For example, if your cat enjoys to participate in fetch, you can use a ball and toss it close to.

Do observe that these are just doable good reasons that might make clear why some cats love sneakers. If you sense the shoe-hogging is receiving out of hand, you should really get your cat to a qualified for health care support.

cat rubbing against owner
Impression Credit history: Irina Kozorog, Shutterstock


How to Prevent Your Cat From Hogging Your Footwear

While it may possibly look lovable at very first, there are only so numerous pairs of footwear you can sacrifice for your cat’s comfort and ease or curiosity. Below are some methods to restrict this habits:

Carry in Other Toys

Your cat might be chewing on each and every piece of footwear about the dwelling mainly because it just likes to do that. But it’s the chewing your cat likes, not the specific pair of Nikes.

You can substitute the shoes with chew toys. Some cats also resort to chewing if they have achy gums or sense nervous. If that’s the case, talk to a vet which toys may well assistance your pet in this regard.

Cat playing
Picture Credit rating: Dorothe, Pixabay

Preserve Sneakers Out of Attain

The most basic way to hold your sneakers safe is to retain them out of reach. Cats can climb, so keeping your sneakers on an elevated surface area could possibly not be the most effective option. As an alternative, maintain them in a cupboard or drawer with a latch.

You can also get an enclosed shoe rack so your cat simply cannot access the shoes. Or continue to keep your shoes at the rear of the door.

Give Rewards for Fantastic Conduct

Stimulating playtime and positive reinforcement can do miracles for your cat’s behavior. Devote time with your cat and persuade them to enjoy with things that are not your footwear. Reward good conduct with treats and cuddles.



As evident, there are numerous good reasons cats like your sneakers. Your feline buddy may like to sniff your odor and mark its territory. Some cats also chew on sneakers thanks to stress and anxiety, curiosity, or achy gums.

Whatever the explanation is, you must not really encourage this behavior. In its place, give chew toys and be certain your cat has other types of leisure. You can also reward your cat for positive behavior and keep the shoes out of reach. If all else fails, stop by a experienced for guidance.

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