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Why Does My Cat Drink Water with Their Paw? (3 Typical Good reasons)


Mar 14, 2023
cat drinks water flowing


cat drinks water flowing

Cats are humorous creatures, and one particular of their most amusing habits is drinking drinking water with their paw! Have you at any time seen your own cat do this? If so, you may well have been remaining scratching your head in confusion. Why does my cat drink drinking water with their paw? Well, that is what we’re here to reply!

Believe that it or not, there are truly a few standard factors why cats will partake in this peculiar behavior. If they are not physically impaired, mere curiosity or a dislike of drinking water are the most probably explanations. Be a part of us down below in exploring why your kitty is applying their feet to acquire a sip!


The 3 Good reasons Why Your Cat Beverages H2o With Their Paw

1. They Dislike Water

It is no top secret that cats and h2o don’t normally get along. Some cats only dislike the experience of h2o on their fur and whiskers, so they resort to applying their paws as a cup. It performs genuinely effectively in this regard, too—the fur on their paw absorbs drinking water, and they can lap it up, steering clear of the unpleasant feeling of water operating about them.

It’s also crucial to remember just how sensitive a cat’s whiskers are—they can detect the slightest of vibrations and airflow. The very same applies to coming in speak to with h2o. It is achievable that drinking water on a cat’s whiskers is merely too a great deal of a sensory overload for them, so they decide for making use of their paw rather!

cat playing with water from the faucet
Graphic Credit rating: ermaltahiri, Pixabay

2. Cats Are Curious by Character

Everybody is aware that cats are curious creatures. So substantially so that there’s the popular adage: “Curiosity killed the cat.” Effectively, in this circumstance, it is curiosity that sales opportunities to a amusing ingesting routine.

As cats take a look at their environment, they have a tendency to use all of their human body parts—yes, even their paws! And when your kitty notices h2o near them, it’s in their mother nature to play with the drinking water to see how it reacts when touched. And what much better way to do that than by applying their paws?!

The way water ripples when touched might amuse your feline good friend whilst at the very same time informing your cat that the liquid is protected to contact and drink.

3. Actual physical Impairment

Some cats use their paws for ingesting h2o because of to actual physical restrictions. Maybe your cat’s vision isn’t very what it made use of to be, so they can’t see the water clearly. Or maybe there is an fundamental medical situation that can make it difficult or agonizing for your cat to decreased their head and lap up drinking water from a bowl.

In these kinds of situations, drinking with their paws may well be the only selection obtainable to them. This does not imply you ought to leave them to it, while! Make certain your cat has accessibility to fresh, clear drinking water at all moments and that their bowls are in easy get to.

A h2o bowl which is far too shut to the wall or a close by piece of home furnishings could make it tricky for your kitty to obtain it for a drink.

maine coon cat pawing its water bowl
Graphic Credit score: Pickless, Shutterstock


Guidelines for a Nutritious Cat Eating plan

Possessing obtain to lots of fresh, clean water is not the only component of a fantastic diet plan. There are other factors that are just as very important to a kitty’s health and fitness and wellness, so let’s take a look at these so that you can guarantee ideal health for your cat.

Well balanced Eating plan

This is crucial for a wholesome, joyful cat. A balanced diet means furnishing your feline friend with loads of contemporary meat, as very well as substantial-quality wet and dry food items formulation. You need to also assure that your kitty has normal obtain to vitamin health supplements such as taurine, which can help preserve their coronary heart healthy and robust.

cat after eating food from a plate
Impression Credit score: mik ulyannikov, Shutterstock

No Table Scraps

It is comprehensible that you want to give your kitty a handle from time to time. But table scraps are not the way to do it! Alternatively, appear for unique treats especially intended for cats—these will be a great deal improved for their wellbeing and over-all properly-becoming.

Last but not least, never ignore about playtime! Cats are energetic creatures, so make sure to give them with a lot of toys and other types of stimulation. Actively playing with your cat is a terrific way to continue to keep them suit and wholesome, as nicely as enable type a solid bond involving you both.



There’s completely very little incorrect with a cat utilizing its paw for consuming water—in actuality, it is fairly natural! Cats are curious creatures by mother nature, and sometimes, that really character arrives out in behaviors that we locate odd or out of place.

If you observe your cat suddenly applying its paw to aid it consume when it ordinarily uses its tongue, consider this prospect to get a vet checkup just to be certain there’s not an fundamental health problem.

But if all is effectively, really do not be anxious! Your kitty just has a exclusive drinking behavior. Just after all, who reported cats have to stick to the policies?

Highlighted Image Credit: Shyjo, Shutterstock

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