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Why Does My Cat Like to Sleep in the Sink? 4 Possible Reasons


Apr 26, 2023
lop eared scottish cat sleeps in the sink


lop eared scottish cat sleeps in the sink

Cats are curious, loving, independent creatures. However, as pet parents, we also know they make odd choices and exhibit strange behavior. How many times have you found your feline lying in the bathroom sink? Of course, you may chase it out of the sink, only to return later and find the cat in the sink again. Don’t most cats hate water? Below, we’ll discuss why your cat likes to sleep in the sink and more.


The 4 Reasons Why Your Cat Sleeps in the Sink

Although your pet may confuse you when you find it relaxing in strange locations, there are usually reasons behind its behavior.

1. For Relaxation in a Comfortable Sink

Cats crave peace and quiet as humans do. How often have you sought out the comfort of your bathtub to escape the household chaos? For a cat, a bathroom sink is really just a cat-sized bathtub.

It is an ideal spot for the cat to escape noisy children, a house full of people, and even the noise from the TV. The bathroom is the quietest room in your home, so the cat feels comfortable and safe going there.

Also, the sink is perfectly designed for a feline to curl up in and take a nap. Most sinks are made of smooth and cool materials, which feels good to your cat if they’ve been running around your house or playing outside in the summer.

domestic cat sleeping in a bidet
Image Credit: Sergey Kamshylin, Shutterstock

2. Bathrooms Are Excellent Places to Play

We’re sure you’ve had your cat trail you to the bathroom on more than one occasion. For one, it’s a good way for your feline to get a little one-on-one time with you. But it’s also an excellent time for them to scope out the bathroom.

All of the bathrobes, hanging towels, toilet tissue rolls, and rugs on the floor are prime targets for your cat to play with. The bathtub and sink are great spots to relax after your cat unravels the toilet paper or plays with the shower curtain.

3. Your Cat Like to be Near the Water

While some cats like playing in the water, most just want to be near it. For example, have you ever seen your cat drinking out of the faucet when a perfectly fresh bowl of water is sitting in the kitchen? Well, the water coming out of the faucet is much fresher and colder.

Being close to a water source is another reason your cat may curl up in the sink to sleep. Cats have an instinctual urge to reject stagnant water and prefer running water. Although they typically won’t curl up in a wet sink, they may know the faucet provides fresh water and feel more secure curling up beneath it.

fat cat sleep on stone sink of wooden hut
Image Credit: Prempha Hitaphan, Shutterstock

4. Your Cat May be Sick

Unfortunately, not all cats seek out the bathroom sink for the reasons above. Sometimes, napping in the sink indicates the cat is sick. The most common diseases that could cause your cat to seek out the bathroom sink include diabetes and kidney disease. Both conditions can make cats thirstier and urinate more frequently. If you notice those signs in your cat, along with it hanging around the sink more, take your pet to the veterinarian for an examination.


How to Stop Your Cat from Sleeping in the Sink

Cats are stubborn about leaving their favorite napping spots, but you convince your pet to leave the sink alone if it becomes a problem.

domestic cat sleeping in the white sink of a bathroom
Image Credit: Claudio Pardo, Shutterstock

Stop Petting Your Cat when They Are in the Sink

It’s tempting to reach over and pet your cat when you catch them in the sink because they look so adorable. However, this tells the cat that it is a behavior you approve of, and they’ll soon associate being in the sink with being praised and petted.

Use a Physical Deterrent

The smooth finish of a bathroom sink may appeal to your cat, but you can convince it to nap elsewhere by making the surface less than comfortable. Although there are plenty of kitty deterrents you can purchase, such as scat mats, you can use everyday household supplies, which are much cheaper.

You can ball up a sink-sized piece of tin foil, unroll it, and spread it across the sink. After jumping on the crinkled foil a few times, your pet will find another strange spot to nap. You can also pull up the drain and fill the sink with a small amount of water. Your cat will not appreciate the splash it makes after jumping in the basin.


Wrap Up

If you find your cat in the sink asleep every time you go into the bathroom, there are a few reasons it could be happening. However, if your cat is losing weight or displaying other troubling signs, it’s best to take it to the vet, as it could be suffering from an illness.

We’ve mentioned how you can keep your pet away from the bathroom sink, but if your cat is headstrong and has disregarded the deterrents you’ve used, your final option is to keep the bathroom door closed. This might upset your cat, but if you provide daily play sessions, high-quality food, and an alternative to napping in the sink, such as a new cat bed, your feline will eventually forget about your bathroom sink.

Featured Image Credit: Regina Erofeeva, Shutterstock

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