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Why Does My Cat Paw Under the Door? (6 Typical Reasons)


Mar 14, 2023
Cat paws from under the door in the room


Cat paws from under the door in the room

Cats paw under the door for one reason only: to gain our attention. Why your cat wants your attention varies from cat to cat.

In this post, we list six possible reasons why your cat wants your attention and how to get your cat to stop bugging you if it’s becoming a nuisance.


The 6 Possible Reasons Your Cat Paw Under the Door

1. Snuggle Time

Young woman holding cute siberian cat with green eyes
Image Credit: Evrymmnt, Shutterstock

Pawing underneath the door is a way for your cat to say it’s snuggle time. This is especially true if you’re in your bedroom sleeping and your cat sticks its toe beans through the gap.

2. It Needs to Open a door

Cats may not have thumbs, but they learn how to migrate from one room to another through observation. Cats will open the door if there’s enough space by cupping their paws to grasp the bottom.

3. Reaching a Toy

DIY 3D cardboard mouse
Image Credit: Instructables

Have you noticed that your cat likes to push a toy under a small space like a door gap? Cats often hunt for prey that scurries into small spaces, so it makes sense why they enjoy playing with their toys under doors.

4. Playtime

If they don’t have a toy, cats will stick their paws under doors in hopes that something on the other side will give them something to work toward. Watch out for the claws!

5. Exploring

domestic tabby cat walking indoor
Image Credit: katerinavulcova, Pixabay

Opening a door, be it a bedroom door or a cabinet door, feels like a puzzle. Maybe they know what’s on the other side. Still, the act is as if they’re exploring new territory. You could surprise your cat by moving furniture to spice things up now and then.

6. Hangry

Tick tock, tick tock! The clock strikes breakfast at approximately 5 am in cat hours. You’re probably asleep, so your cat needs to awaken you by pawing under the door and adding some hangry meows to the melody.


Why Are Cats Attracted to the Bathroom?

Cats are weird about bathrooms. They feel offended every time you sneak away to poop without them. What is with the fascination with bathrooms anyway?

There are two possible reasons. Cats are creatures of habit, and humans tend to go to the bathroom around the same time every day. Chaperoning you to the toilet becomes their routine as much as yours.

Other times, cats could see it as an opportunity to sneak cuddles from you while you’re stationary. They know you’ll be on the pot for a while, so why not catch a few leg rubs and naps in your pants?


How Do I Stop My Cat From Pawing Under the Door?

Pawing under the door is adorable, but sometimes, it isn’t very pleasant, especially when meowing and howling are thrown in. Here are four potential solutions if you’re trying to stop your cat from pawing under the door:

1. Play With Your Cat

gray and white cat playing with toy on the floor
Image Credit: Piotr Musiol, Unsplash

Life is busy, and playing with the cat is often put on the back burner. Still, we have a responsibility to play with our pets.

Try playing with your cat away from the door and see if the behavior stops. When you play, ensure your cat burns energy. Don’t let your cat sit there and paw at a string. Your cat should be out of breath after your play session.

2. Use a Door Seal

If your door has a large gap from the door to the floor, try placing a door seal on the bottom to fill in the space. These are cheap and easy to install, and renters don’t need to worry about this affecting their deposit.

Keep in mind, your cat may start meowing more since it can no longer show off its toe beans.

3. Use Pressurized Cat Spray

Spray cleaner
Image Credit: Jeshoots.com, Unsplash

Pressurized can spray is a humane way to deter your cat from unwanted areas. A harmless but shocking spritz of air can prevent your cat from returning to your door, disturbing your peace.

4. Let Your Cat Through the Door

At the end of the day, is it a big deal if your cat slips through the door? Maybe you’re giving yourself and your cat a hard time for no reason. Why not relieve some stress and let your cat in the room?



In this post, we covered six reasons your cat wants attention. Yes, even cats need attention sometimes. Who knew?

Before you cover that gap in the door, see if your cat wants something from you. Is it love? A nice play session? A chance to nap in our pants while nature calls?

Okay, that last one might be odd. If your cat is just being silly and you need your peace, give our tips a try and cover that gap. Just don’t forget to love on your kitty once in a while.

Featured Image Credit: Maksim Safaniuk

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