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Why Does My Shih Tzu Lick Their Paws? 6 Typical Motives


Mar 12, 2023
shih tzu puppy licking its paw


shih tzu puppy licking its paw

Does your Shih Tzu act like a cat? As it turns out, it is rather widespread for Shih Tzus to obsessively lick their paws. On the other hand, it’s not generally a great sign. The reasons range from benign boredom to trying to mend them selves from an personal injury or an infection, so it’s definitely really worth having some time to uncover out why your Shih Tzu all of a sudden cannot just take their eyes (or tongue) off their toes.


6 Popular Reasons Your Shih Tzu Could Lick Their Paws

1. Standard Grooming

Canines really do not shower each day like we do, so they lick by themselves in purchase to remain clear. It is perfectly balanced for your Shih Tzu to thoroughly clean their feet—sometimes. It can turn into a problem nonetheless if it develops into obsessive habits.

2. Boredom

In a home entire of chew toys that you have lovingly doted on them, you might inquire by yourself why on earth your Shih Tzu has taken up paw cleansing as their new passion. Boredom or self-damaging habits at times will get the better of us, and even our animals. Making sure your Shih Tzu gets ample exercising every day might assist them refocus their energies on favourable perform as an alternative of fiddling with their ft. Goal for a couple of 30-minute walks or a person hour-lengthy wander every working day.

shih tzu dog looking out from the balcony
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3. Nervousness

Despite the fact that they’re not very as temperamental as cats, major existence variations these kinds of as a new relatives member or relocating properties can pressure out your Shih Tzu. Since they’re bred to be companion animals, Shih Tzus are also much more most likely to create separation stress and anxiety if they are left on your own for very long intervals of time. Acquire some additional time to reassure your Shih Tzu that you are not heading anywhere, specifically if you are in a changeover year that can be scary for them. Playing ball, petting them, or taking them out for for a longer time walks can relieve some of their tension.

4. Skin Allergic reactions

When the phrase “allergies” pops up, we often feel of foodstuff or the oak tree budding outside the house. Although these points are undoubtedly prospective allergens, flea allergy dermatitis is actually the main result in of pores and skin conditions impacting canines. Some canines are so allergic to fleas that a person chunk can produce skin rashes, abnormal itching, and trigger some of their fur to slide out. Make absolutely sure that your doggy is flea-no cost by offering them some type of flea regulate, particularly if you dwell in a hotter region where by these pests are complications 12 months-round. If you are specific the flea population is under management, chat to your vet about other feasible explanations for your dog’s behavior. Tell them if you’ve seen any other signals of an allergic reaction, these as sneezing or vomiting.

tick on dog skin
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5. Accidents

When your doggy begins to show unusual habits, a excellent initial move is to carefully take a look at their human body for any injuries. Notice if your Shih Tzu feels unusually anxious when you contact their paws. An overgrown nail could be annoying them, or even sunshine-scorched paws if you stroll them on asphalt all through sizzling climate.

6. An infection

Skin bacterial infections are typically prompted by secondary conditions, this kind of as allergy symptoms or injuries. It is not unusual for canines to produce yeast bacterial infections in between their paw pads, which can be distressing or itchy. Test for indicators of redness or discomfort and phone your vet if they don’t glimpse regular.

Dog's paws resting on a wooden surface
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divider-dog paw

What to Do When Your Shih Tzu Won’t Halt Chewing Their Toes

When you have recognized the source of your Shih Tzu’s irritation, you can start off to resolve the challenge. Converse to your vet about the ideal food items to give your Shih Tzu, especially if you suspect a food stuff allergy may be the situation. Foods allergic reactions are rather exceptional but are generally accompanied by GI upset. If your pet dog activities vomiting or diarrhea, which is a good indicator that a meals allergen could be the offender.

On the other hand, allergy indications can also mimic major ailments, so you really should consider your pet dog to the vet to be safe. You really should also consider your canine for a check out-up if you detect redness or irritation on their paws or pores and skin, or if they appear unusually irritable if you consider to touch their feet.

A bored or nervous Shih Tzu might lick their paws as a way to minimize worry. Regardless of their standing as indoor pet dogs, these little companion animals weren’t built for a solitary or sedentary existence. Shih Tzus thrive when they’re all around the persons they really like, and they need to stroll for 30 minutes to an hour every single day to continue to be in form. If your Shih Tzu feels nicely emotionally, they’ll be more very likely to aim on better items than chewing their ft.

shih tzu at the vet
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Licking paws is a relatively common actions and can even be wholesome in moderation. On the other hand, your Shih Tzu is almost certainly trying to convey to you something is incorrect if they clear their ft obsessively, specifically if they quickly begin chewing on them. Chronically licking and chewing on their paws can also direct to infections, so communicate to your vet as before long as attainable to avoid them from injuring on their own, or to address an fundamental condition in your Shih Tzu.

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