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Why is My Cat Holding Their Paw Up When Sitting? – 7 Probable Explanations


Mar 14, 2023
Orange cat sitting on the window sill and licking her paw


Orange cat sitting on the window sill and licking her paw

Cats frequently have several peculiar behaviors, and just one that confuses many pet house owners is when they hold up their paw while sitting down. Although it could signify that your pet has an injuries, there are several other factors that your cat could do this habits, so study on to determine out what is heading on with your cat.


7 Likely Motives Why Your Cat is Holding Their Paw Up When Sitting

1. Your Cat Is Wounded

Sadly, keeping up their paw can be a indication that your cat has an harm. You could possibly notice them limping and making an attempt to favor their other legs when they wander, possibly trying to keep their paw off the ground altogether. Your cat may perhaps conceal and slumber far more when they are hurt. If you suspect that your cat has been hurt, try to search at the paw to see if any thorns, slivers, or cuts are leading to the issue. Make contact with the vet promptly to have them appeared about.

a cat that feels sick and seems to vomit
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2. Your Cat Is Grooming

Cats typically lick their paws and forelimbs though they are grooming them selves. Grooming is a extended method, and cats are easily distracted by sound and sudden movements, which can have them sitting in spot, holding up their paws, while seemingly staring into area. After your cat establishes that there is practically nothing to chase, they will return to grooming.

3. Your Cat Is Having Prepared to Strike

If a further cat, puppy, or even household member is close by though your cat is holding up their paw, there is a great possibility that they are getting all set to strike. Most cats will give a couple of quick hits with or without having claws as a warning ahead of storming off. It’s normally a indicator that the cat is looking for alone time and will settle down afterward. Introducing far more perches all around your home can assistance be certain that all your pets have a spot to call their have, which can assistance lower aggression toward other animals.

white and red cats fighting
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4. Your Cat Is Showing Affection

Cats may well extend their paw toward a single of their favorite relatives users in a show of passion.  Many cats like to exhibit passion from a length in its place of petting and cuddling. They may well also endeavor to mark you with their scent by boosting their paw to contact you as you wander by. Cats have scent glands on their paws that go away guiding distinctive pheromones that cats can scent.

5. Your Cat Is Communicating

Lots of cat homeowners detect that their cats like to elevate their paws when attempting to converse, which is generally a drive for meals or treats but can also consist of toys or passion.

bengal cat gives high five paw to owner
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6. Your Cat Is Stretching

A further rationale your cat may well be keeping up their paw when sitting is that they are stretching out and preparing to nap. Cats extend in uncommon means that can show up quite unusual to their human owners, so they can easily show up to just be holding up their paw when sitting down.

7. Your Cat Is Becoming Careful

A cat may well choose an on-guard stance with their paw up, all set to strike if they hear a odd noise or see a motion that startles them. This pose is additional frequent when the cat is asleep or almost asleep, and a lot of homeowners also discover it when their cat is strolling in an unfamiliar place.

Black cat with white spots standing on a rural street with raised paw
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The most very likely purpose that your cat is sitting with their paw held up is that they are grooming by themselves. If a further pet is close by, they may also place up their paw to alert them to keep absent. On the other hand, if you recognize that your pet is making an attempt to elevate their paw and is favoring the other legs when they stroll, it could be a signal that they are wounded. Seem about your cat’s paw to see if you can take out any thorns or splinters, and simply call the vet for assistance if you consider that the damage could be significant.

Highlighted Graphic Credit score: Orange cat sitting on the window sill and licking her paw, Ivan Radic, Flickr, CC BY 2.

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