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Why Is My Dachshund So Needy? 5 Frequent Causes


Feb 8, 2023
Old female hugs and cuddles pet Dachshunds in the park on a bench


Old female hugs and cuddles pet Dachshunds in the park on a bench

Though Dachshunds can be unbiased, they can also act needy for the reason that they’re pack animals. They utilised to be generally employed as searching canines that labored in packs to capture match. So, they enjoy currently being in the corporation of people today and other canine.

There are various explanations why Dachshunds may perhaps start to act needy. Being observant of items that bring about needy conduct can aid you handle it properly.


The 5 Common Factors Why Dachshunds Act Needy

Every Dachshund is unique and one of a kind, so they can get started to act needy for a myriad of factors. Even so, some frequent factors can bring about neediness centered on your Dachshund’s temperament. Listed here are some causes why your Dachshund may perhaps get started to act needy.

1. Overall health Issues

The very first point you want to check out for is any professional medical troubles that may possibly bring about neediness. The moment your Dachshund varieties a robust bond with you, it can get started to enable you know that it is not feeling well.

Ill Dachshunds may well want to lay by their homeowners or get extra interest from them. So, verify for indicators of any health and fitness problems. Glance for variations in feeding on behaviors, pounds decline or excess weight gain, or issues passing bowel movements. Look at your Dachshund’s pores and skin for any itchy or infected spots.

vet with stethoscope examining sick dachshund
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2. Separation Anxiousness

Dachshunds don’t do effectively remaining household by yourself for long several hours and can quickly build separation anxiousness. Separation nervousness is a conduct that will get triggered when pet dogs come to be fearful of becoming home by itself or absent from their homeowners.

There are various strategies to handle separation stress. It usually involves working with a doggy trainer to instruct your Dachshund to tolerate getting residence on your own. Some dogs may also will need anti-stress and anxiety treatment to assist them continue to be relaxed.

3. Variations in Regimen

In normal, canines thrive on regime. They come across ease and comfort in predictability and figuring out what to anticipate subsequent. So, unexpected improvements can result in tension on a Dachshund and cause it to turn out to be extra needy and reliant on its proprietor as it navigates change. Some stressors that can lead to neediness are new animals in the household, relocating to a new household, or new infants in the loved ones.

It’s important to try to retain a regular plan in the midst of change. If achievable, keep on your morning routine the exact same as usual and attempt to have mealtimes at all around the same time. Dachshunds normally bounce back to their old selves when they develop into accustomed to their new regimen.

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4. Realized Actions

Often, dog entrepreneurs can unknowingly really encourage unwanted conduct. Dachshunds can understand to show needy habits if they consistently get awareness from it. So, if your doggy begins to act needy, it’s vital not to accept the behavior.

As a substitute, it’s generally practical to randomly reward your Dachshund in moments when it is exhibiting good habits. For example, if it is lying down and being calm on its possess, you can reward it with animals, stomach rubs, or a take care of.

5. Too Substantially Alone Time

As social pet dogs, Dachshunds crave companionship. So, if you are persistently gone from residence for as well lengthy, your Dachshund may perhaps start to act clingy whenever you’re property.

If your lifestyle instances do not permit you to carry your Dachshund all over with you, it can be helpful to enlist the enable of a doggy daycare or a pet dog walker. These providers will decrease the sum of time your dog’s on your own, and they frequently deliver a good deal of actual physical physical exercise and social and mental stimulation.

It’s also critical to give your Dachshund a good deal of focus when you are house. Really don’t wait for your Dachshund to need your focus. Rather, be proactive and routine playtimes and walks into your everyday routine so that you are regularly spending high-quality time together.

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How to Handle Neediness from Dachshunds

If your Dachshund starts off to display screen neediness, check out to search for what is triggering it. You can acquire your Dachshund to your veterinarian for a complete actual physical examination to see if there’s any clinical problem that’s leading to the actions.

If your veterinarian guidelines out any health-related triggers, it might be time to enlist the enable of a highly regarded dog coach to aid you figure out what’s triggering the neediness. Canine trainers do not just train obedience training. They can enable you understand your pet dog greater and enable you build a prepare to enable your Dachshund really feel safer and additional protected.



Dachshunds can act needy for many various explanations. Fortunately, you can do several things to cease this conduct and build a protected attachment amongst you and your Dachshund.

It’s ideal to act faster instead than later on, as responding later on can conclusion up exacerbating needy conduct. So, consult with your veterinarian or work with a puppy coach to start off addressing the habits. By coming up with the suitable regime and remedy program, you and your Dachshund can appreciate several content times collectively as you appreciate each other’s organization.

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