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Will a Bernese Mountain Dog Get Together With My Cat? The Stunning Reply!


Mar 12, 2023
bernese mountain dog with a british short-haired cat


bernese mountain dog with a british short-haired cat

Bernese Mountain Dogs are a fluffy, excellent-natured doggy breed that is well known with initial-time pet entrepreneurs. They’re wonderful with people, but it could acquire some do the job to make them suited roommates for felines. Like most puppies, Bernese Mountain Canine can grow to be quickly good friends with numerous cats, but how do you go about the course of action?

We have the data you require about the temperament of Bernese Mountain Canines, how to socialize cats with puppies, and a lot more. Keep tuned for the details and some tips down below.


Bernese Mountain Pet dog Persona & Temperament

Bernese Mountain Puppies are a considerably less well known canine breed, but they have the personality and temperament for any family. From skilled dog proprietors with kids to 1st-time pet mom and dad, Bernese Mountain Pet dogs are easygoing and somewhat reduced-electrical power pups. They’re not tremendous demanding and make perfectly respectable couch potato pets.

Most Bernese Mountain Canines have a mellow temperament in respect to other pet dog breeds and animals, which includes cats. The most critical thing to preserve in head is that socialization from an early age is vital to successfully introducing a new Bernese Mountain Doggy to your cat. This can differ a little bit based on regardless of whether the canine is a puppy dog or an more mature puppy, but numerous of the measures are comparable.

bernese mountain dog and cat lying on the floor
Picture Credit: Louis-Philippe Poitras, Unsplash


How to Introduce a New Bernese Mountain Pet dog to Your Cat

Introducing a new puppy to your cat can be a harrowing expertise, but with a Bernese Mountain Dog, it does not have to be. You will very likely observe considerably less aggression on the puppy aspect, but you however have to take into consideration your cat’s temperament as properly. Use our simple move-by-move information under to meticulously introduce your new dog to your cat.

How to Introduce a Bernese Mountain Puppy to Your Cat:

  1. Give your cat a safe and sound room. Maintain the two in wholly two regions for a day or two, which will get them utilized to every single other’s scent in advance of they meet up with.
  2. Leash the Bernese Mountain Dog. Little by little introduce the two with the dog on a shorter leash, seeing for intense behavior from possibly pet.
  3. Utilize optimistic reinforcement. Feed your cat and doggy around each individual other in different parts and give treats for when they use calm conduct all around each individual other.
  4. Choose your time. You do not have to rush the introductions, and every pet has their have tolerance for unfamiliar interaction. Enable them dictate how quick the approach goes.
  5. Give some have confidence in. You might be uncertain, but letting your pet dog off the leash around your cat soon after a specific level is a needed action toward creating their connection.

Recommendations for Socializing Bernese Mountain Dogs With Cats

There are a ton of other tips you can use to make your property a additional welcoming ambiance for your new Bernese Mountain Pet dog, whilst also fostering a constructive connection with your cat.

Bernese Mountain Pet & Cat Socialization Guidelines:

  • Start out them early. Young pets will have an less difficult time changing to just about every other than more mature ones.
  • Make and keep a risk-free space. That is, a neutral territory the place you can little by little socialize your doggy and cat.
  • Preserve them divided when you are not present. Each pet ought to have their individual pressure-cost-free place with all their preferred bedding and goods.
  • Redirect them with treats and focus. Constructive reinforcement is the very best way to teach your pets to get along.
  • Supervise them at all situations. If not, calm cats may possibly have adverse initially interactions with canines and vice versa, so you have to view for indicators of aggression from both equally animals.



Bernese Mountain Canine are a relaxed breed in basic, but the two they and cats need some support to turn into the ideal of friends. Employing tolerance, protected zones, and their favorite objects, you can have your Bernese Mountain Pet dog used to your cat in no time.

Showcased Graphic Credit history: Valery Shklovskiy, Shutterstock

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