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Will a Cane Corso Be Good With My Young children? Almost everything You Will need to Know!


Mar 20, 2023
beautiful girl playing with her black cane corso dog on the lawn


beautiful girl playing with her black cane corso dog on the lawn

The Cane Corso is also acknowledged as the Italian Mastiff and has the name of getting protective, clever, and affectionate. With those people traits, it helps make an great pet, but how would this huge puppy do with little ones? The basic respond to is that the Cane Corso is greatest suited to older children due to the fact of its dimensions and the nature of its actions.

On the other hand, if you presently very own a Cane Corso and want to commence a relatives, that doesn’t always suggest you have to give up your beloved pet. So, let’s just take a appear at this breed far more in-depth.


A Tiny Little bit About the Cane Corso

The Cane Corso is superb with young children in the right circumstances. The American Kennel Club (AKC) fees the Cane Corso as three out of 5 in their “Good With Younger Children” category.1 That suggests that this breed is somewhat harmless for older youngsters, but not all kids can offer effectively with these types of a dominant, large canine.

The Cane Corso is just about 28 inches at the shoulder and can weigh a lot more than 110 lbs .. It is vital when owning a dog this massive and effective that you are up to the activity. Socialization and coaching from an early age are extremely vital, and they will not do perfectly in a dwelling with persons who are not able to regulate a large pet dog or are frightened of or dislike dogs.

Blend the Corso’s intelligence with its bossy mother nature, and you can see how it’s so straightforward for them to choose charge if there is no organization management in the household or an proprietor who fails to established crystal clear boundaries.

Girl and boy walk with a dog Cane corso in the forest and have a fun. Children hug a dog
Image Credit history: Tetiana Maslovska, Shutterstock

What to Think about With a Cane Corso and Children?

If you are contemplating of obtaining a Cane Corso, there are some things you will require to look at initial. This is suitable whether or not or not you have children—the Cane Corso is a significant puppy, and if you really do not have the time to put in or the endurance, you could be risking your protection and that of your spouse and children.

Socialization and Teaching

It’s significant for your Cane Corso to be educated and socialized at a young age. This will assure their dominance is not misguided into aggression toward individuals and other animals. You can start coaching as younger as 8 weeks outdated, and the wider the variety of ordeals you expose your new pet to, the improved.

This clever dog thrives in lively families, and with its working heritage, it loves participating in exterior. Your Cane Corso will gain from a fenced-in yard and repeated walks. They like expertise coaching, agility schooling, dock diving, and other actions that enrich their physique and mind.

If you really don’t workout them plenty of, they will not be stimulated and could get into trouble with bad behaviors, like pawing, digging, and jumping. They are not a toy-oriented breed, and most are not intrigued in retrieving.

Some pleasurable functions you can share with your Cane Corso are:

  • Dock-diving
  • Flirt pole
  • Nose games
  • Obstacle or agility classes
  • Sled-pulling

Inspite of its measurement and the way it appears to be like, the pet dog is all coronary heart and responds significantly superior to rewards and like than harsh corrections.

Cane Corso Behavior

The Cane Corso is critical and delicate their behavior mostly is dependent on the education and treatment they gained when they were being young. So, while they are usually assertive, affectionate, and light in the suitable fingers, they can be intense if they’ve been all-around an inexperienced or unkind pet mum or dad.

Constantly supervise your Cane Corso all-around small children and other animals and train your children how to interact appropriately all-around them. The canine loves its household to be near by, preferably in the same room, so think about inserting pet dog beds in rooms in which you devote the most time.

owner stroking the head of a cane corso dog
Image Credit rating: Jaromir Chalabala, Shutterstock

Cane Corso and Other Animals

If your Cane Corso has been socialized early, they can get along with other animals. On the other hand, older people will have troubles tolerating other animals, and most trainers recommend that homeowners of grownup Cane Corsos retain them as their sole pets. Like youthful young ones, smaller sized animals can be wounded by their significant dimensions.


Last Thoughts

The Cane Corso is a substantial, loving, faithful dog greatest suited for seasoned house owners with older youngsters. If you are wondering of incorporating a puppy to a relatives with young ones, we recommend wanting at a different breed if your little ones are even now younger. Of course, this does not necessarily mean giving up your pet if you are setting up a family, but this breed demands ongoing education, socialization, psychological stimulation, and a lot of workout.

So, juggling a new household and the Cane Corso will be a great deal of get the job done. It’s essential to educate your kids how to behave around them and to supervise them at all moments.

Highlighted Picture Credit rating: Efanov Aleksey, Shutterstock

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