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Will a Pomeranian Be Great With My Cat? The Intriguing Reply


Mar 21, 2023
Pomeranian dog and cat sitting on the carpet

Pomeranians are known for their signature fluffy coats, small statures, winning hearts, and puppy show results. But, like numerous toy breeds, their ability to perform wonderful with many others can choose time to decide! Contrary to some other toy canine, Pomeranians are usually regarded as courageous and daring but friendly, meaning they will very likely be superior with (dog-savvy) cats in the property.

Even so, the ability for your Pom to get on effectively with your cat will come with a few caveats. Study on to learn what these are and what could affect how great a Pomeranian will be with your cat!


What Are Pomeranians Like With Cats?

Generally, Pomeranians are pleasant toward cats. They are normally ready to interact and bond with them considering that they were being bred for friendliness and companionship. Pomeranians are little and outgoing, with pleasant and open up personalities that generally pair perfectly with other animals in the home.

They aren’t recognized for obtaining a superior chase drive, and they are loyal and loving with their family members. These features make it far more most likely that a Pom will get alongside very well with your cat, but their vivaciousness and vitality may well be way too significantly for some chilled-out cats!

The same Pom and cat dynamic will differ with each and every pairing because the Pomeranian and the cat are individuals. Some Pomeranians will adore nothing more than snuggling up beside a cat and performing all the things jointly. Having said that, there might be Poms with bigger prey drives that can not help but chase each and every cat they see.

cat embraces a pomeranian puppy
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How Can I Aid My Pomeranian Be Very good With My Cat? 4 Important Methods

Fantastic introductions are important to a extensive-long lasting, constructive partnership amongst cats and puppies. A sluggish and regular introduction can give you the ideal probability of environment up for good results.

Prior to You Start out

Ahead of you bring a new Pomeranian or cat into the dwelling, established up a place for just about every pet to escape to if wanted. Cats, in certain, will need someplace to remove them selves from your Pom if issues get also annoying. Superior places are best for your cat to get to if they need to get out of your Pomeranian’s way swiftly, and they can assistance your cat feel secure.

You will require to be current to watch all interactions for the first month or so. By giving your pets light praise and speaking to them calmly, you can help them feel secure throughout the conversation intervals and aid them continue to be serene.

Introduce Them From Afar Initially

When you initial provide your new cat or Pomeranian household, assure they’re separated and simply cannot see just about every other. The objective is to get them both equally utilized to the other’s existence with out confront-to-confront interaction, as you can handle the good quality of the interactions far better this way and develop optimistic associations. In addition, your cat and Pom will be equipped to hear and smell just one yet another by means of shut doors, so preserving them in independent rooms is a very good way to commence introductions safely.

Feeding your cat and Pomeranian on opposite sides of the door is a very good starting off point for introductions, as they’ll hear and scent one yet another but will start off to associate this with good factors (yummy meals). Start out by inserting the bowls away from the door, and get closer and closer just about every time. By the stop of the approach, your cat and Pomeranian ought to be eating calmly from the doorway.

Start out Encounter-to-Encounter Meetings

When your pets are calmly having at the door, you can introduce them in short periods. Make absolutely sure this is performed in a “neutral” section of the house that is absent from your cat’s or Pomeranian’s harmless areas. Continue to keep it tranquil, and do not restrain possibly pet, as this can result in stress or outcome in injury. Obtaining your Pom on a loose leash is a very good notion, so you have command if one thing goes awry, but enable your cat to come and go as they want.

Look at them carefully and have treats on hand as benefits for quiet actions. Inquiring your Pom to sit or lie down is an outstanding way to serene them. If you see any signs of aggression, distract them and go back to the earlier phase in the system.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

These classes really should be done day-to-day for more time durations each and every time. Take your time with this phase, as slow and constant interactions are the very best way to enable your Pomeranian be good with your cat. When you believe they’re all set and no symptoms of aggression have been noticed, you can take out your Pom’s leash and allow for it to roam the home freely. It’s ideal not to leave your cat and Pom by yourself unsupervised, as incidents can even now arise, and either social gathering can be wounded.

Pomeranian spitz puppy sleeping with kitten
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Are My Pomeranian and Cat Getting Together?

Cats and canines have advanced approaches of conversation, and they may well not often translate effectively throughout the species. On the other hand, there are some inform-tale positive and unfavorable indications that human beings can recognize.

Indications Your Pomeranian and Cat Are Obtaining Alongside

Some indications that the connection is heading effectively and your cat and Pomeranian are bonding involve:

  • Sleeping together
  • Allogrooming (licking/permitting the other to lick them)
  • Actively playing (not to be baffled with combating)
  • Pursuing a single a different about in a relaxed way
  • General comfortable body language

Don’t forget that even if your Pomeranian and cat have gotten together perfectly for a lengthy while, they are still animals. They can still get wires crossed or overstep some boundaries and may possibly act aggressively towards just one one more.

Signs Your Pomeranian and Cat Aren’t Getting Alongside

The symptoms of aggression in cats and pet dogs are normally pronounced and uncomplicated to acknowledge, and a large amount of that will occur from anxiety. Canine are naturally inclined to chase small furry items, and cats are inclined to operate. It’s vital to figure out the early indicators of aggression in either species so you can ensure the two family users are safe and can start to get the job done on the marriage.

Signs your Pomeranian and cat aren’t getting together contain:

  • Growling
  • Lunging
  • Hissing or barking
  • Raised hackles
  • Swiping
  • Dilated pupils (in cats) and eye-whites demonstrating (in dogs)
  • Charging
  • Ears flattened

What Do I Do if My Pomeranian Isn’t Fantastic With My Cat?

If your Pomeranian and cat are not having together, you can ask your veterinarian for guidance. They should really be ready to give you tips and refer you to an animal behaviorist who can assistance you offer with aggression, but at times these challenges are unable to be triumph over.

Enhancements to the connection can be created, but there are cases in which the very best end result for everyone included is, regrettably, rehoming possibly the cat or the Pomeranian.

Father and son with their Pomeranian dog at veterinary.
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Final Views

Pomeranians are a toy breed and are very companionable by character, and most should really be very good with cats if released thoroughly. Each individual romantic relationship will rely on the individuals’ personalities, as some cats will not tolerate pet dogs and vice versa. Mainly because Poms are little, they might seem to be a lot less threatening to cats and therefore be far better positioned to bond with them, but never depend on this.

In spite of their small dimensions, a Pomeranian could simply lead to hurt to a cat, and a cat could seriously hurt a Pom. However, if all introductions are done properly, your puppy and cat will ideally dwell a tranquil and happy lifestyle together.

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