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Will a Shih Tzu Be Excellent With My Kids? Everything You Want to Know!


Mar 13, 2023
happy girl holding shih-tzu dog and looking at it


happy girl holding shih-tzu dog and looking at it

Shih Tzus are adorable dogs that are normally considered of as high-routine maintenance pups that are not appropriate for houses with children, or even energetic homes at all. Folks who assume that really don’t know considerably about the Shih Tzu breed, while!

Shih Tzus are charming dogs that can be quite adaptable and appropriate for a wide variety of house environments. If you’re looking at including a Shih Tzu to your loved ones, here’s all the things you want to know about owning a Shih Tzu in a household with kids.


Do Shih Tzus Like Youngsters?

Not only are Shih Tzus great with little ones, but they are often deemed to be extremely kid-welcoming puppies. They can be tender canine that know when it’s time to be gentle and light, but they also have a tendency to be completely ready for an adventure or a romp all-around the yard with your young children. They are mild and social enough that it’s not uncommon to place Shih Tzus doing the job as treatment canines.

Their smaller size would make them safer than a big doggy may well be when actively playing with children, or even frail and elderly persons. Shih Tzus are somewhat strong puppies for their measurement, despite the fact that this isn’t an justification to enable kids be tough or cruel to your doggy, but they will take pleasure in a tiny bit of safe and sound roughhousing with youngsters.

A single of the key keys to guaranteeing a pleased marriage among your Shih Tzu and small children is to correctly socialize your doggy. No matter if you’re bringing household a pet or an grownup puppy, proper socialization and sluggish, gentle introductions are essential. It can be tough for a puppy to modify to a new atmosphere, and if they have not been socialized, it can be even more tense.

Be organized to be affected person and guarantee the complete domestic is on board with the plan for integration into the household.

little girl with her Shih Tzu dog in vintage color tone
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Is It Protected to Keep a Shih Tzu With Young ones?

The most important thing to consider when deciding upon a Shih Tzu as the breed to have with your children is how mild your little ones will be with the pet dog. No pet really should be subjected to inappropriate dealing with by young children, together with hitting, tail and ear pulling, climbing on, and so on.

Although they may be sturdier than quite a few of their modest breed counterparts, they are nevertheless tiny canines that can be hurt if taken care of way too around by youngsters. They also could nip or bite if they come to feel threatened or are becoming hurt or mishandled by young children.

Your little ones need to be thoroughly taught good boundaries, regard, and managing for the pet dog prior to you at any time carry it dwelling, and it is very essential that little kids are by no means remaining unattended with your Shih Tzu. Leaving rough or modest kids by yourself with your canine sets your canine up for failure and your kids or canine up for personal injury.


In Conclusion

Shih Tzus are hugely prized as kid-friendly pet dogs. They are clever, trainable, faithful, light, and playful pups that are adaptable and appropriate for a residence with kids. Right managing from the kids is required, nevertheless, and ensuring your pet is specified a sluggish, gentle introduction to their new dwelling can support established every person up for accomplishment.

If your new Shih Tzu feels threatened or pressured for the duration of their introduction to the dwelling or socialization period of time, there is a likelihood that they will struggle to bond adequately with your children.

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