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Will My Cat Eat My Bearded Dragon If They Get the Chance? Details & FAQ


Mar 15, 2023
bearded dragon with a cat


bearded dragon with a cat

Cats are notoriously superior hunters, and they are regarded for killing a selection of unique issues. In the wild, cats will eat all sorts of issues, and if you have an indoor-outside cat, you could possibly have found them carry household many various animals that they have killed, like lizards. That raises the issue, will a cat eat a bearded dragon if given the prospect? In most cases, cats will not take in bearded dragons, but they are far more than capable of killing them. Cats do not have to have to want to eat some thing in order to maim or destroy.


Do Cats Consume Bearded Dragons?

Pet cats will have minor want to eat a bearded dragon. Cats that are frequently fed and that are domesticated will not want to kill and consume your pet bearded dragon. However, that does not imply that cats are not a hazard for your lizard. Cats have solid hunting instincts and prey drive that can lead your cat to attack, injure, and even get rid of your bearded dragon. Even if your cat kills your bearded dragon, they will most likely not carry on to take in it. Cats will a great deal prefer to take in their have meals or treats alternatively than your bearded dragon. But that doesn’t indicate you can leave a bearded dragon and a cat by yourself jointly.

white cat looking at a bearded dragon inside a cage
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Will My Cat Assault My Bearded Dragon If They Get the Possibility?

Although the danger of your cat actually taking in your bearded dragon is slim, the possibilities that your cat will assault your bearded dragon are significant. Cats will hunt bearded dragons for entertaining if specified the likelihood. They will pounce, chunk, and scratch the lizard, which can lead to major personal injury or even death. The visual appeal and movement of a bearded dragon will promote your cat’s instinctual drive to hunt or enjoy. Cats are a lot more than capable of unintentionally killing a bearded dragon, even if the goal is not actually to get rid of or take in your pet lizard.

You ought to be watchful about possessing your cat close to your bearded dragon. Some cats will stalk your lizard and think of means to get into the tank to hunt them. If you have a cat and a bearded dragon, you need to guarantee that the dragon’s tank is safe at all situations. You should also under no circumstances go away your bearded dragon out unsupervised if your cat is in the dwelling. The final result could be an assault that leaves your lizard hurt or dying.

Juvenile vs. Adult Dragons

Juvenile bearded dragons are at a significantly greater danger of remaining wounded, killed, or eaten by a cat than grownup bearded dragons. Grownup bearded dragons are significantly larger and much more scary than youthful dragons. A cat might be a lot more hesitant to consider to assault a substantial bearded dragon. Small or youthful bearded dragons are considerably much more probable to draw in the hazardous eye of a cat. Extremely younger dragons that are still the sizing of a common gecko could be in threat of remaining eaten, nevertheless it is even now not typical conduct for a pet cat to show.

Central Bearded Dragon
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Cats are not likely to essentially consume your bearded dragon if supplied the possibility. Nonetheless, cats are pretty very likely to try to hunt and get rid of a bearded dragon, no matter if on function or accidentally. Pet cats continue to have powerful instincts that force them to show searching behaviors even if they do not especially want to slurp down a lizard for evening meal. Very well-fed cats who have frequent meals won’t want to try to eat a bearded dragon, but they will want to stalk and play with them, which can easily guide to the demise of your lizard if you are not mindful.

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