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Will My Cat Eat My Guinea Pig If They Get The Probability? Information & FAQ


Mar 29, 2023
guinea pig in the arm


guinea pig in the arm

Although cats and guinea pigs can get along, it is essential to keep in mind that cats are predators, and due to the fact guinea pigs are relatively lesser than most cats, your cat may well chase your guinea pig if supplied the likelihood. This may well final result in the cat killing the guinea pig and probably ingesting it. Even if the two seem to be to get together, you really should often continue to keep any playtime in between them monitored due to the fact even an accidental paw from your kitty could bring about harm to your cavie.


About Cats

There are estimated to be in between 300 and 600 million cats in the planet. About three-quarters of these cats are stray or wild, but that does depart 100 to 200 million pet cats residing in our residences and staying portion of our each day life. Along with canine, they are the most popular type of pet in the globe, living on all continents besides Antarctica.

The common lifespan of a cat is anyplace from 12 to 18 several years, although it does range in accordance to domestic standing, breed, and other factors. And, for the reason that they integrate into our dwelling lives so effortlessly, it is effortless to forget that, by natural means, cats are predators. In the wild, these obligate carnivores would take in compact animals and even bugs.

About Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs hail from South The united states in which they stay in household models of up to 10 cavies. They are adaptable creatures that can reside in pretty demanding ailments and tricky terrains, but they are pure prey. In the wild, some of their organic predators consist of wild cats, and this offers us some indication of whether cats are most likely to try out and hunt and eat pet guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs can make good pets. They are much larger and less difficult to handle than lesser pets like hamsters, and they can be really affectionate and open up to human call beneath the correct conditions. As such, there are estimated to be close to 30 million pet guinea pigs globally.

Guinea pig with little kitten
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Can They Get Together?

Pet cats are domesticated animals and though this means that they are extra approachable and lovable than wild cats, they do retain some of their wild instincts. Which is why they sit at windows, tails twitching, producing mewling noises when they see birds and other prospective prey outdoors. It is also why some cats will in a natural way consider and hunt any animal that is smaller sized than them and that they see as a prospective food.

Do Cats Take in Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pigs are the natural way more compact than cats, and this means that they can be viewed as prey. However, this is not legitimate in all scenarios. Cavies are a little much larger and never dart close to as a lot as, for instance, hamsters. Consequently, your cat’s searching instinct may well not be brought on by a slow-transferring guinea pig.

How To Keep Your Guinea Pig Harmless

It is often greatest to err on the side of caution when it will come to permitting cats and guinea pigs blend. Even a fast swipe from your cat’s claws can lead to major destruction to your guinea pig.

cat wearing harness while walking on grass
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Don’t Let Your Guinea Pig Out In close proximity to Your Cat

Guinea pigs are likely to live in cages or hutches, with a operate to offer excess place for each day activity. The guinea pig will shell out the majority of its time in this enclosure, and this ought to be particularly true if you have cats. Guinea pigs are prey to cats, and the greatest way to retain your cavie secure is to not permit it out of the cage when your cat has accessibility to the location. If you do want to allow the guinea pig out of its hutch, assure that the cat is shut out of the home.

Restrain Your Cat

It may perhaps be achievable to permit a guinea pig out even though your cat is in the area if you place your cat on a leash or harness. It is not suggested that you hold the cat simply because if the looking intuition kicks in, you are probably to encounter the claws and enamel of your cat ahead of they are turned on the guinea pig.

Do not Go away Them Alone

Even if you do explore that your cat doesn’t chase or assault your guinea pig, you ought to never go away them by itself and out of the cage. Your guinea pig may nibble at your cat, creating an unforeseen reaction from your cat. Alternatively, due to the fact your cat instinctively sees guinea pigs and lesser animals as prey, you are unable to guarantee that it will continue being relaxed and placid at all periods. If your guinea pig is out of its cage and you want to go away the room, place it back in the cage or shut the cat out of the home.



Cats are purely natural predators and guinea pigs are purely natural prey. This indicates that, in a whole lot of situations, cats will hunt and attempt to eliminate guinea pigs. There are exceptions, but it is very best to get the job done on the principle that a cat will hunt a guinea pig when given the chance. Retain your cavie in its hutch when the cat is about, and be certain that your cat is correctly restrained or shut out of the room when you do let your guinea pig have a cost-free roam.

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