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Will My Cat Take in My Hamster If They Get the Opportunity? Recommendations & FAQs


Mar 15, 2023
red cat staring at a red haired persian hamster


red cat staring at a red haired persian hamster

A dwelling total of animals is a aspiration occur true for several of us. When we are younger and request our mom and dad about just about every animal under the sunlight, typically the respond to is no. As we get older and have life of our very own, we determine which animals we have underneath our roof. Of system, not all animals will get together. Cats, for example, are infamous for getting an angle when it comes to other animals. No matter if they get together with your dog is hit or miss out on. When they are in the temper, they may perhaps demonstrate other animals some attention, but at other moments, they may smack them all around or act as if they could treatment a lot less.

Regretably, there are pets you can bring into your house that your kitty will demonstrate a particular curiosity in. 1 of these pets is a hamster. Hamsters are lovable minimal handfuls of joy, but will a cat take in a hamster if they get the opportunity? Hamster homeowners may well not like the solution to this question, but certainly, your cat may take in your hamster, despite the fact that not generally. Most very likely, your kitty will get rid of the hamster but not partake in it as a food. Let us acquire a deeper appear at this problem and how you can most likely have each a cat and a hamster in your household.


Do Cats Consume Hamsters?

The marriage amongst cats and rodents is very well documented. We’ve all viewed Tom and Jerry, proper? Cats are natural predators. You may possibly see your fluffy kitty passed out on the sofa and consider there’s no way they could stalk prey, but deep down, people instincts are however there. Cats are also carnivores. Of course, you give them kibble as part of their eating plan, but that kibble includes meat. If your cat was in the wild, it would feast on birds, smaller animals, and particularly rodents. Hamsters are rodents. For that reason, hamsters are prey for cats.

The thought of basically consuming your hamster could not attractiveness to your kitty. That is if you provide them with a well-balanced diet program. Domesticated cats really do not want to try to eat prey to endure. They get all their nutrition from the meals we give them. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they really don’t want to hunt, pounce, and assault like they are supposed. Though your cat may well not eat your hamster, unless of course it’s missing critical vitamins in its diet plan, if provided the opportunity it would hunt it and in most eventualities come out as the victor.

Can Cats and Hamsters Stay Together?

Whilst it may well not be simple, pet fans have experienced cats and hamsters in the exact dwelling for ages. Of study course, if you strategy on trying this, there are a number of matters you need to do so your hamster can be shielded.

hamster inside a transparent cage beside a white cat
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Use a Suitable Cage

The right hamster cage can be the literal barrier involving your hamster and specified loss of life. You have to have a durable cage designed of sturdy, major-obligation materials. Not each individual cat will, but some cats may well chew on the cage in an try to get to the hamster inside. You must also assure the cage has smaller slats. Your cat could invest hrs staring at the cage, making an attempt to identify how it can break inside. If the slats are significant, your kitty’s paw could access in. If this takes place, their sharp claws could be exceptionally dangerous to your small hamster. Also, recall to protected all doorways on your hamster’s cage. Cats are very good and may well determine out how to launch the door so they can get to the prey inside.

Use a Unique Space for Playtime

Hamsters shouldn’t reside their total daily life within the cage. They want to workout and invest time with you. When you’re all set to engage in with your hamster, really don’t do it exactly where your cat can get accessibility. Instead, pick a independent area that you can entirely near off. Seal all the entrances so your cat can not creep inside of. This is also a fantastic time to enable your hamster use a hamster ball. Though you may perhaps imagine making it possible for them to operate in the ball all through the dwelling with the cat in the vicinity is secure, it definitely is not. Hamster balls can be damaged or knocked all-around by a cat. They may perhaps not acquire entry to your hamster but they will scare it and that simply is not right.

Teach Your Cat

If your cat is young, you might have a possibility to perform with them in which your hamster is concerned. Training your cat to ignore the hamster is a very good thing. Maintain in thoughts, on the other hand, not all cats consider to schooling so this is not going to be the great resolution to just about every circumstance.

cat kissing a hamster
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Be Mindful Wherever You Position the Cage

Cats are notorious for becoming in places they shouldn’t be. You might consider placing your hamster cage up superior will continue to keep the cat at bay, but that isn’t genuine. Cats enjoy climbing to new heights. They also like knocking points in excess of. Make guaranteed your hamster cage is located exactly where your cat can not knock it more than or to the floor. If this occurs, doors may fly open up and grant your kitty accessibility to your hamster.


Can They Be Good friends?

It would be attractive to see your cat and your hamster cuddling jointly on the mattress, but most probably, that isn’t going to materialize. Nonetheless, you can introduce them. When executing this, you have to have to be mindful of your cat’s steps. If they are swishing their tail or finding also excited, take away the hamster from the situation. The exact can be mentioned if your hamster exhibits signs of panic when they see the cat. If by probability your cat displays little curiosity in the hamster, making it possible for the two to sniff 1 an additional is the future stage. Ideally, your cat will catch your scent on the hamster and recognize it is not prey. If this is the situation, the cat may possibly turn into disinterested and will not actively endeavor to hunt your hamster.


Final Ideas

Cats and hamsters can are living in the very same property, but the prospects of your cat eating or harming your hamster are good. If you want to have each of these pets, make guaranteed you move forward with warning. The well-getting of your hamster is in your hands. Your cat is merely performing on intuition when it comes to the presence of a new animal in the residence.

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