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Wolf Dog Training: 10 Vet Reviewed Tips & Tricks


Mar 30, 2023
woman teaches wolfdog commands

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If you’re looking to train a Wolf Dog, you’re signing yourself up for quite the challenge. While it’s certainly possible to train a hybrid breed, it will take a lot more work and dedication than it would for a typical dog.

But it’s certainly possible if you’re up for a challenge and know what you’re doing. So, keep reading and we’ll highlight some tips and tricks you should follow when you’re trying to train your Wolf Dog.



If you’re still new to dogs or haven’t had a dog before, a Wolf Dog might not be the best option for you. They are more difficult to train than some other beginner friendly breeds.

The 10 Wolf Dog Training Tips & Tricks

1. Stay Positive

Wolves are extremely independent creatures and because of this, it’s best to try and get them to want to do what you want. You don’t want to get into a battle of wills. Instead, you want to stick solely with positive reinforcement.

Treats and simply giving them your attention are the way you want to go here. Avoid all forms of negative reinforcement, as this can lead to serious behavioral problems in the future.

2. Stay Consistent

You don’t need to have the most extended training sessions with a wolf hybrid, but you should have at least two sessions a day. Each session should last about 10 to 15 minutes. This way, they can really spend their time focusing on training.

Most importantly, you need to have these training sessions every day. Not only are you taking the time to train them, but you’re also bonding with them. You need your wolf hybrid to respect you, and the only way this is going to happen is if you consistently dedicate time to them.

wolfdog on a leash
Image Credit: wolfyy01, Pixabay

3. Stay Patient

Dogs don’t learn everything overnight, and while a wolf hybrid is just as smart as a dog, they’re far more independent. You need to give them plenty of time to adjust to you, which means you can’t expect instant results.

You might need to wait a few weeks or even a few months to start getting the results you want. But if you stick with it, there’s no reason you can’t train a Wolf Dog into a great pet.

4. Use Treats

While praise is great, you’ll want something a little better to entice a wolf hybrid. There are tons of treat options out there, but for the best results, we recommend some sort of meat.

This will get maximum attention from your Wolf Dog and will entice them to do what you want. You can wean off the treats as they start to learn, but in the beginning, treats go a long way in helping to get compliance.

5. Start Early

One of the most important things you can do when raising a wolf hybrid is to start the training process early on. Ideally, you want to start bonding with the pup when they’re just 2 or 3 weeks old.

While it is possible for you to wait a bit longer, the longer you wait the more challenging it’s going to be. This is especially true if the hybrid takes more after their wolf parent instead of their dog parent.

Wolfdog in the meadow
Image Credit: gloverk, Shutterstock

6. Be Confident

Your pup can pick up on your emotions quite a bit, and if you’re nervous, they’ll feel it. You need to go into each training session feeling confident. That way, the pup knows that you know what you’re doing and that you’re in charge.

If you can’t go into a training session feeling confident, then a wolf hybrid might not be the best pet choice for you.

7. Build Up in Stages

If you’re expecting your Wolf Dog to go from untrained to doing everything you say in just a training session or two, they’re going to disappoint you. You need to start with small tasks and slowly build your way up.

Teach them their name, then teach them to sit, teach them to stay, and then try moving on to other tricks or commands. You can’t get them to do the more complicated stuff until they already mastered the easier tasks.

8. Minimize Distractions

While a wolf hybrid puppy isn’t the same as a normal puppy, one area where they’re extremely similar is their attention span. If there are tons of distractions around, you’re going to find it impossible to hold their attention.

During your training sessions, do everything you can to eliminate any potential distractions that might pull their attention from you.

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog standing outdoor
Image Credit: Joachim Bartoll, Shutterstock

9. Have Fun!

Your pup can sense your mood, and if they feel that you’re frustrated or miserable, they won’t want to be there. But if you’re having fun with them, it’s far more enjoyable for both parties, and that will make it easier to train them. And if you’re not enjoying your time training your hybrid, why did you get them in the first place?

10. Seek Professional Help

Wolves are not dogs, and depending on how much your wolf hybrid takes after the wolf side of things, training them can be extremely difficult and potentially dangerous. If you don’t feel up to the task, there’s nothing wrong with seeking professional help.

However, you’ll need to find someone that specifically specializes in training these hybrids, and finding someone that does that isn’t always easy. Don’t seek out a regular dog trainer because they don’t have the necessary skill set to deal with a hybrid breed.



You’re not going to start seeing results overnight, but if you stay consistent and keep training your Wolf Dog, you can have a well-adjusted pet before too long. Just remember that while wolves and dogs are similar in lots of ways, they’re two distinctly different breeds, and your Wolf Dog will take after both of them.

Don’t take their mild and loving appearance for granted. You need to maintain a steady hand throughout their entire life if you want to keep them in check!

Featured Image Credit: Best dog photo, Shutterstock

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