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CoStar News Recognized in Journalism Contest for Commercial Real Estate Coverage


May 24, 2023


CoStar News reporter Parimal Rohit was named a finalist in a regional journalism contest for a news story analyzing how shopping malls could be adapted to help reduce the nation’s carbon footprint.

Rohit, who covers commercial real estate in Texas, was a finalist in the environmental news reporting category in the Fort Worth Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists’ 2023 First Amendment Awards. The story, “Are Big-Box Retailers the Future of Solar? Store Roofs Could Be Key to Reaching Environmental Goals,” published April 24, 2022, competed against publications across Texas and Oklahoma with at least 100,000 readers.

The contest puts an emphasis on news coverage based on public documents, which Rohit used as well as data from research firms and advocacy groups to explain the untapped potential of malls to generate solar power. The judges said, “This environmental article was well-written and well researched. Yes, this is a great example how corporate America can step into the reduction of greenhouse gases into our environment.”

CoStar News is an international news organization that specializes in the coverage of commercial real estate. It is published by CoStar Group, the largest provider of commercial real estate information.

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