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The Most Popular Grocery Store in Each State


May 1, 2023
The Most Popular Grocery Store in Each State


With a rising number of grocers sprouting up, chains have been devising unique tactics to stay ahead. A recent report from Placer.ai, a location analytics and foot traffic data company, identified the most-favored grocery stores in states across the country.

Kroger, one of the nation’s retail powerhouses, was the most popular grocery store in six states across the Midwest and South, including Ohio where local shoppers visited the chain 42% of the time in March, the most recent data available, while customers in Indiana were also found to prefer Kroger over other grocers, with visit shares of 34%. Mississippi shoppers visited 43% of the time, and the rate in Tennessee was 35%. In Kentucky and West Virginia, Kroger was also crowned the top grocery chain, with visit shares of 59% and 51%.

Stop & Shop, Albertsons and Food Lion Grocery Store showed dominance in different regions of the country. Stop & Shop, based in Massachusetts, emerged as the top choice in the Northeast, with consumers in Rhode Island spending 43% of their shopping time at its stores, and shoppers in Connecticut spending 37% of their time. Food Lion, headquartered in North Carolina, has a strong customer base in the Southeast. Meanwhile, Idaho-based Albertsons grocery stores were found to be the most favored in three states in the Northwest region and one state in the Southwest.

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