Conor McGregor delights young fan by buying his ‘Notorious’ action figures for over $1,000

Conor McGregor has attracted millions of UFC supporters worldwide thanks to his immense success inside the octagon.

One fan in particular decided to make action figures of him and other fighting stars, and has been rewarded with a generous gift from the Irishman.


Youngster Samuel proudly showed McGregor his workCredit: @TheNotoriousMMA Twitter
The MMA legend was in awe of his mini-me


The MMA legend was in awe of his mini-meCredit: @TheNotoriousMMA Twitter
Intricate details can be seen on the figure


Intricate details can be seen on the figureCredit: @TheNotoriousMMA Twitter
Samuel was then thanked for his work with a large sum of cash


Samuel was then thanked for his work with a large sum of cashCredit: @TheNotoriousMMA Twitter

McGregor has made a return to MMA’s reality TV series ‘The Ultimate Fighter’, with its new season airing at the end of May.

On the latest episode he took the opportunity to meet Samuel Romero, who was described by the star as ‘an incredible craftsman’.

As described by UFC president Dana White in a preview clip, Samuel makes his own action figures, including some of McGregor.

The youngster met up with McGregor and showed off the original model that he made sealed in protective plastic.

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Mini McGregor is kitted out with all the gear, with an Irish flag proudly worn behind his back.

“So he puts all these different parts of different wrestlers and puts them all onto one and made me and made a few others,” McGregor explained.

“It can turn at the wrist, it can turn at the elbow, and my son Junior loves that, he can make all different positions with the guy.”

As he looked at the action figures in awe, McGregor told Samuel: “Junior is going to love these, the kids will love these. We’ll take these off you man yeah, we’ll take these of you kid.”

He then reaches into his pocket and pulls out a large wad of cash, jokingly adding: “What’s the damage?”

McGregor then hands Samuel a total of $1,200 for his work, with the youngster unsurprisingly stunned at the amount of money being given.

After the heart-warming moment, the two shake hands as the UFC star thanks him for his work.

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