Conor McGregor denies allegations of sexual assault at NBA finals in Miami

Conor McGregor has denied allegations of sexual assault against a woman at the NBA finals on Saturday.

The original allegations against McGregor were published in US tabloid magazine TMZ and included a detailed and graphic depiction issued by the woman’s attorney.


McGregor’s lawyer has released a statement denying the allegations on his behalfCredit: Getty Images – Getty

“The allegations are false. Mr McGregor will not be intimidated, a statement from his lawyer read.

Miami Police have confirmed they are investigating a report issued to them on June 11, the day after game four of the finals at the Kaseya Center in Florida.

“At this time all we can confirm is that MPD’s Special Victims Unit is investigating a report that was filed Sunday, June 11, 2023,” the force said.

“This is an open investigation so no additional information can be released at this time.”

Conor McGregor says he and Miami Heat mascot hugged it out after skit that went wrong
Conor McGregor snaps back after Henry Cejudo aims dig at him to UFC boss Dana White

The match also saw Irishman McGregor get involved in a half-time skit with the Miami Heat mascot.

The 34-year-old punched the mascot, with the mascot reportedly hospitalised afterwards but McGregor played down the severity of the incident.

McGregor punched Burnie to the floor before punching the mascot again on the floor


McGregor punched Burnie to the floor before punching the mascot again on the floor

McGregor said: “The mascot’s good, my man.

“The Mascot is good. It was a skit, and it went the way it went, but all is well.

“I spent a lot of time with him afterwards.

“We hugged it out and everything was great. It was a skit. It was part of the show.”

McGregor is expected to make his long-awaited return to the UFC octogan with a fight against Michael Chandler tipped for later this year.

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