Danny Rose stunned by Jose Mourinho’s ‘lazy’ analysis of Dele Alli as he reacts to Amazon documentary

Danny Rose was shocked to discover that Jose Mourinho’s apology to Dele Alli was left out of Tottenham’s Amazon documentary.

He has also insisted that laziness cannot be associated with the former Spurs midfielder after their six seasons together.


Alli recently revealed how a key part of his relationship with Mourinho was not included in the Amazon seriesCredit: The Overlap YouTube
Rose couldn't believe that the apology was left out the final cut


Rose couldn’t believe that the apology was left out the final cut

Alli recently opened up in a brave interview with Gary Neville on ‘The Overlap’ about his childhood trauma and addiction to sleeping pills.

The 27-year-old also addressed his viral clip with former manager Jose Mourinho in Amazon’s ‘All or Nothing’ series on Spurs from the 2019/20 season.

In it, Mourinho told him he was ‘f****** lazy’ in front of his teammates in a team meeting.

However, Alli revealed in his interview with Neville that the manager in fact apologised to him, but it never made it into the documentary.

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Rose told talkSPORT Drive he is yet to watch the series and when he discovered such a revelation, he cut an astonished figure.

“That is not something you put next to Dele’s name,” he said about Alli previously being branded as lazy.

“Pre-season, you do not want to be anywhere near Dele in the running because he’s the fittest.

“Dele under Poch, he’s like the number one, every game three games a week, Dele runs the most, hardly ever injured. So laziness, you don’t put that next to Dele’s name.

Rose and Alli formed crucial parts of an inspired Spurs side


Rose and Alli formed crucial parts of an inspired Spurs sideCredit: Getty

“I’ve heard that from people at other clubs, you know, ‘he don’t really do this or that in training’. I’m like, ‘no, that’s not the Dele that I [know].'”

Rose also featured in the documentary and had a moment with Mourinho himself, asking him why he wasn’t playing regularly.

They had a heated exchange and the now-33-year-old walked out the Special One’s office, before eventually joining Newcastle on loan later that season.

He was asked about whether or not players had much say in the final cut for the series, to which he remarked: “I’d say probably not.

“But again, I haven’t even watched Tottenham’s one, but I don’t think anybody would have been painted out how I was should I say.

“I haven’t watched it so again, I’ve never ever told this to anybody obviously apart from my close friends, when Poch was the manager, cameras were not allowed in his office.

“So I’ve gone to the office, thinking it’s still the same and obviously there’s cameras there now so I didn’t know. I’m not saying it would have changed how I would have approached the situation.

“So in terms of answering your question, do players get sort of a say on the last call or whatever, that was something I had an issue with.

Rose's disagreement with Mourinho was also showcased in the documentary


Rose’s disagreement with Mourinho was also showcased in the documentary

“Not really [didn’t have a say], but I sort of spoke to legal people and went to the MP of Tottenham David Lammy and spoke to him about it.

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“Because in any walk of life, having a conversation with your line manager should be private, and I had to be told from my teammates, but I was already out on loan at Newcastle at this point, so my teammates knew before I knew.

‘I was like, ‘hold on a minute, are you being serious?’, and that’s where I had an issue, but in the end, I just let them do what they needed to do.”

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