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Eddie Hearn reiterates desire to get Dana White’s ‘dream physique’ as pair discuss their respective body transformations


Jul 17, 2023
Eddie Hearn reiterates desire to get Dana White's 'dream physique' as pair discuss their respective body transformations


Promoter Eddie Hearn recently went through a body transformation, and the man who inspired him to do so was Dana White.

Following an appointment with doctor Gary Brecka , UFC president White was told he had 10.4 years to live, but now he has completely turned things around and looks in terrific shape.

White previously lost 30lbs and is now ripped


White previously lost 30lbs and is now rippedCredit: @danawhite – instagram
And Hearn has lost a lot of weight too


And Hearn has lost a lot of weight tooCredit: Getty

This motivated Hearn to go on a similar journey, as he dropped more than two stone and recently the Matchroom Boxing Chairman discussed his new healthy lifestyle with Whyte for Men’s Health.

White, now 53 years young, revealed: “I got to a point where I knew I wasn’t healthy, and I knew I wasn’t okay but I started to think that this is what 50 feels like.

“Then I got introduced to Gary Brecka and I realise that’s all bulls***. No, that isn’t what 50 feels like.

“I’ve been consistent, solid, hardcore for a little over a year now. Halfway through I said that I felt like I was in my 30s again, but I feel like I’m in my late 20s now.

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“I’m telling you, all my inflammation markers are at zero, my organs are all healthy, my blood work has never been better and I’m off all doctors’ meds.”

White also explained how becoming healthier has also naturally helped solve a lot of his medical issues.

“It changed my life,” Whyte said. “I used to have really bad sleep apnea and I used to snore – I have neither of those now.

“I used to have incredible pain in my legs, I could barely even put my socks and shoes on. Now my legs are 100 per cent. My legs feel better than they’ve ever felt in my entire life.

“I had high blood pressure, I was on blood pressure medicine, and that’s gone. I was on thyroid medicine. I was on cholesterol medicine, and I’m on none of that s*** anymore. It’s completely changed my life.”

Meanwhile, Hearn revealed that he aspires to be in as good shape as White, saying: “I mentioned how Dana White has my dream physique. I even jokingly texted him and asked him to give me his training plan.

“It surprises people to hear, but we get on well, and there’s definitely that mutual respect between us.”

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