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Frank Lampard says Chelsea are ‘nice to play against in every way’ as Jamie O’Hara jokes Jason Cundy should coach them

Frank Lampard says Chelsea are 'nice to play against in every way' as Jamie O'Hara jokes Jason Cundy should coach them

Frank Lampard lamented Chelsea being too nice to play against, admitting his side got what they deserved against Arsenal.

The Blues’ woeful season got even worse as they suffered a 3-1 defeat at the Emirates Stadium, conceding all their goals in a chaotic opening 34 minutes.


Chelsea were given the run-around at Arsenal


Lampard has lost his last ten matches in charge of a Premier League side

The result means Chelsea have lost their last seven matches, while Lampard has lost all six in charge since making a return to the club.

The caretaker boss went into the list of things his side did wrong, as well as hinting at what needs to happen to the club going forward.

“Nowhere near good enough for us,” Lampard told talkSPORT. “We’re a nice team to play against in every way.

“Passive off the ball, giving them space between the lines, which are the main things we spoke about before the game.

“And then on the ball nice to play against. Short passes, back on ourselves, not breaking lines, not breaking forward, not running forward and if you play like that you’re easy to play against.

“Very, very disappointed with the performance of the first half. The performance of the second half was better but at 3-0 it’s a difficult one.”


Lampard has no complaints about the result but insists the performance from his players left a lot to be desired

“As a club and as a squad there will be things that need to be done on a bigger level to take the club forward,” Lampard added. “Strategy… and that’s not for me to speak about.

“But for the players, my job is to tell them what needs to be done and the players have to do it. And if they don’t do it then they don’t start games.”

What did former Chelsea man Jason Cundy make of it all? Well, safe to say he’s pretty despondent.

“I’m just accepting. I’m like a dog that’s got three legs, loads of fleas just sitting in the corner accepting its fat,” Cundy said.


Chelsea still being on 39 points means relegation isn’t out of the question

“We’re a mess and we’re up against a brilliant side in Arsenal.

“We’re the worst team in the league, we are!”

“The best thing about this season is it’s nearly over,” Cundy added. We’ve got Bournemouth at the weekend, it’s a relegation six-pointer!”

O’Hara earlier suggested that Lampard was out of his depth at the Stamford Bridge helm, before claiming that even Cundy could take charge the chaotic group of players.


Could Cundy really be Chelsea’s fifth manager of the season?!

“I think Jason Cundy could manage Chelsea right now. I actually think Jason could manage this team,” O’Hara said.

“I’ve never seen a team with so many problems on the pitch, none of them are playing for each other.

“They’re all over the place, there’s no chemistry, no cohesion, no kind of, ‘let’s fight it out’, or leaders. They’re just waiting to get beaten.”

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