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I’m an accountant who is now the fastest sprinter in Europe and fourth quickest Briton of all time


Jun 21, 2023
I'm an accountant who is now the fastest sprinter in Europe and fourth quickest Briton of all time


Usually glued to a screen in his job as an accountant, becoming Europe’s fastest man must have been something of a pipe dream.

But that is exactly what Eugene Amo-Dadzie did on June 16 when he registered a time of 9.93 seconds in the 100 metres in Graz, Austria.

Eugene Amo-Dadzie has exploded onto the racing scene


Eugene Amo-Dadzie has exploded onto the racing sceneCredit: Getty

That is the fastest time run by anyone in Europe this year by a fine margin.

It has also seen Amo-Dadzie become the fourth quickest Briton of all time as well.

Not bad for a 30-year-old who works a day job as an accountant.

Amo-Dadzie has always been quick, but it was not something that he took seriously until later in life, despite impressing in various sports days at secondary school.

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Plans to join the University of Nottingham athletics team were canned – a decision that was likely made after Fresher’s week.

“Let’s just say track and field quickly fell down my list of priorities,” he said.

He remained interested in the sport, but always watched from the sidelines rather than take part himself until one day, a friend goaded him onto the track.

After a game of football, Amo-Dadzie and his pal came across a track event in 2018 in Woodford, London, which would go on to change everything.

Eugene Amo-Dadzie is now the fastest man in Europe this year


Eugene Amo-Dadzie is now the fastest man in Europe this yearCredit: Getty

Speaking exclusively on the Hawksbee and Jacobs show, he said: “I was actually playing Saturday league football at the time and we had a pre-season game in Woodford, which is where Wood Green Athletics base is.

“So we are heading home, me and my best mate Ben, and we see a meet going on. I love athletics, whether it is a local meet in Woodford or the World Championships. I am going to watch it.

“So we sat down and watched it and I can’t remember what the winning time was that day, maybe like 11.3 or something.

“My best mate turns to me and says ‘I reckon you could put a pair of spikes on and beat these guys.'”

Amo-Dadzie thought, why not, and went for it – and has never looked back.

Just a year after returning to the track, he was racing in the British Championships semi-finals against Olympians Adam Gemili and Harry Aikines-Aryeetey.

At the age of 26, he managed a personal best time of 10.55 at the 100m, before breaking that record in 2021 with a time of 10.20 in 2021 and then 10.05 the following year.

Despite managing to get better and better as his years advanced, no one could have predicted his blistering 9.98 time on Friday at the age of 30.

Amo-Dadzie is the fourth quickest Briton of all time


Amo-Dadzie is the fourth quickest Briton of all timeCredit: Getty

“I got a really good reaction, a really good start and then it was like ‘do not let your foot off the gas,'” he said.

“I got into my upright running and I literally felt like I was flying.

“I leaned towards the line, looked over, saw the time began with a nine and went crazy. I just went mad.

“God willing, I will run that many more times, but you only get the first one once. It was one of the best days of my life.”

His age and occupation has not been met without scepticism, though, and on Sunday morning, the UK Anti-Doping officers paid him a visit.

Not that this left Amo-Dadzie with a sour taste in his mouth, anything but, as he welcomed their demands over a urine sample.

“As soon as I saw their credentials I was buzzing,” says Amo-Dadzie. “It’s validation of your achievement.

“There are always people who are sceptical of great things that people achieve.

At the age of 30, Amo-Dadzie continues to impress


At the age of 30, Amo-Dadzie continues to impressCredit: Getty

“If you know my story and have been following me then it makes sense.

“I’m a big, big supporter of clean athletics. UKAD are more than welcome to break my door down.

“My wife will tell you how excited I was when they banged on the door the first time.

“It’s validation of all the hard work. They are not going to test someone who is running 10.8. If I want to be a professional athlete, this is what comes with that.”

But at a time when most sprinters might be winding down their careers, Amo-Dadzie takes pride in the fact he is just hitting his stride.

And there are no regrets despite his late start on the track, the opposite actually, as the accountant explains: “If I was 18, showed a bit of potential and got a deal, I feel like I might not have realised that potential.

“I feel like I came into the sport at the right time. The head that I had on my shoulders at that time has allowed me to navigate this thing in a sensible way.

“I very much enjoy that I have a different story. I still refer to myself as an accountant that happens to operate in the world of track and field.”

Can he go on to break his record once again?


Can he go on to break his record once again?Credit: Getty

And what does the future hold? As you could imagine, there is no slowing down now with the Paris Olympics next year in Amo-Dadzie’s sights.

He said: “I absolutely want to be on that stage, I believe I belong on that stage. I would relish testing myself against the best.

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“We take it step by step and now I’ve put down a marker, god willing this is the first of many. So yeah, I want to be on those stages.

“There is a World Championship coming up in August and by God’s grace I do what I need to do at the British trials in a few weeks time and I’ll be on that plane.”

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