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  • Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Lando Norris celebrates moving up place with four-fingered gesture as Lewis Hamilton is demoted at Austrian Grand Prix


Jul 2, 2023
Lando Norris celebrates moving up place with four-fingered gesture as Lewis Hamilton is demoted at Austrian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton had his five-second penalty upgraded to ten seconds at the Austrian Grand Prix, resulting in him being demoted a place in the standings.

Briton Hamilton and compatriot Lando Norris were fighting for fourth place in Sunday’s feature race, and Mercedes’ Hamilton was struggling to keep his car on track.


Hamilton was going wide at turn 10 and Norris wasn’t happyCredit: Getty
The McLaren driver was livid


The McLaren driver was lividCredit: Sky F1

Letting two wheels outside of the white lines has been a constant talking point throughout the race weekend, and Norris clearly spotted a number of offences from Hamilton.

Speaking over team radio, the McLaren driver said: “Track limits again, that’s his third time!”

He was then told: “Report every time Hamilton exceeds track limits,” but came back with a rather amusing response.

“I mean, he’s going off every lap everywhere,” Norris replied. “I’m not going to talk all the time.”

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Hamilton was then warned by his Mercedes team to avoid the issue at turn 10, but replied: “I can’t keep it on the track, the car won’t turn.”

A black and white flag was then showed to the seven-time champion as a final warning, and after one more offence, he was given a penalty.

Hamilton then noticed a similar offence on team radio, saying: “Perez going off at turn 10, if they’re noting everyone they might as well know.”

Feeling hard done-by, he added: “Perez off again, has he got a penalty yet? This guy’s going off every single time!”

Hamilton crossed the line in seventh place but was demoted one place to eighth post-race.

He was among eight drivers to receive a post-race penalty, announced by the FIA five hours after the chequered flag.

An additional sanction for Sainz saw him drop two places to sixth, upgrading Norris to fourth and Alonso to fifth. George Russell took Hamilton’s seventh spot in the official classification.

Norris loves the new standings


Norris loves the new standingsCredit: Instagram @landonorris

The revised standings is something Norris certainly enjoyed, posting a picture with four fingers to indicate he came fourth in the race.

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