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LAURA WOODS: Bold Erling Haaland prediction from pundit is my ‘shocker of the season’

LAURA WOODS: Bold Erling Haaland prediction from pundit is my 'shocker of the season'

Rory Jennings’ daring prediction about Erling Haaland flopping this season has been named as Laura Woods’ ‘shocker of the season’.

At the start of the campaign, the talkSPORT regular said it would be ‘outrageous’ to think the City star would win the Golden Boot race.


Jennings did not believe Haaland would live up to the hypeCredit: @SkySportsPL Twitter


However, the Norwegian has been on hand to prove him wrongCredit: Getty

However, Haaland is set to do just that in his debut season at the club, with the Norwegian on 36 goals with one game left.

Such a tally is also a Premier League record, with Jennings surely looking back on such a prediction with regret.

As a result, when asked to name her ‘shocker of the season’, talkSPORT host Woods was quick to name the bold call about the City sensation: “‘King Shocker’ for me has to go to Rory Jennings.

“For his very bold prediction at the time at the beginning of the season, before a ball had really been kicked, that Haaland, City’s brand new signing from [Borussia] Dortmund, that it was a ‘disgrace’, a ‘disrespect to the establishment’.

“He’s going to become one of the absolute greats, and one of the great things to go alongside that is the Jennings clip.

“It’ll never disappear, it’s given me so much joy throughout the season, just to watch it be replayed every time Haaland scores a goal or a hat-trick or does something magnificent. It does make me laugh.”

Haaland scored twice on his Premier League debut for City against West Ham, just the start of a record-breaking campaign.

The 22-year-old has gone on to score five hat-tricks this season, with rivals Manchester United being one of the sides on the receiving end.


Woodsy named the Haaland prediction as her ‘shocker of the season’

A trip to Brentford on the final day gives Haaland one last chance to extend his tally even further.

Barring a miraculous performance from Tottenham’s Harry Kane, who has scored 28 goals, the City star will get his hands on the Golden Boot.

Jennings has since issued an apology to Haaland for underestimating him as he said on Sky Sports’ Saturday Social: “Erling, I’m full of regret and remorse.

“I underestimated you, I was wrong. My knowledge was clouded by Timo Werner who landed on these shores from the Bundesliga with a very impressive record.


Haaland also got his hands on the Premier League trophyCredit: Getty

“But Erling, I apologise, you are correct, I am wrong and I will never live this down. You’re elite and I’m sorry.”

Haaland’s endeavours in front of goal have helped Pep Guardiola’s side claim their third consecutive Premier League title.

With the Norwegian proving to be a goal scoring machine, Jennings will certainly not look at his prediction as one of his finest takes.

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