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Law enforcement look into alleged Roy Keane assault, Sancho hits again at 10 Hag, Lionel Messi life up to Hollywood billing


Sep 4, 2023
Police investigate alleged Roy Keane assault, Sancho hits back at Ten Hag, Lionel Messi lives up to Hollywood billing


Simon Jordan has slammed the alleged assailant that head-butted Roy Keane at the Emirates on Sunday.

The talkSPORT host has said that there should be repercussions for people that cross the line.

Speaking on the White and Jordan display, the ex-Crystal Palace chairman mentioned: “The point of the make any difference is, folks want to see and want to be in a position to engage with people from the general public area.

“And a ton of this social media things that goes on which emboldens these morons that consider they can behave in a specified way, then brings it into society.

“Whether you may perhaps or may perhaps not think of Roy Keane, whatsoever your allegiances may perhaps or may perhaps not be, to start with of all he is a brilliant pundit, and he was a outstanding participant.

“That doesn’t imply that individuals have to like him or dislike him in equal measure, but when you see people today in the community area finding attacked by an individual, I just imagine it’s fully and utterly unacceptable.

“And I hope the human being that did it, suffice if it is correct, will get his collar felt, and let’s see how clever he is then.

“I necessarily mean, the one man or woman he possibly didn’t want to attack was Roy Keane, mainly because he is a little bit activity.

“Withstanding that, my place is, is that I just feel it is thoroughly and completely unacceptable.”

He added: “There requires to be implications for their conduct, I’m confident that Roy Keane will be great, he’s large sufficient and ugly adequate to look after himself, but it does not signify it is acceptable.

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