OnlyFans’ Elle Brooke says Astrid Wett fight is her KSI to Jake Paul and also fancies bout with Ronda Rousey

OnlyFans model Elle Brooke has compared her rivalry with Astrid Wett to that of KSI and Jake Paul.

Brooke has made the unconventional switch from producing adult content to entering the boxing ring and it has earned her a huge following as she boasts 2.3 million followers on TikTok.


Elle Brooke has high aspirations as a boxerCredit: Misfits Boxing
Brooke also has an OnlyFans account and over 2m followers on TikTok


Brooke also has an OnlyFans account and over 2m followers on TikTokCredit: @dumbledong – IG
Brooke and Wett have a long-standing rivalry


Brooke and Wett have a long-standing rivalryCredit: @wettastrid – instagram

But she is not the only one to follow such a path with Wett also going from OnlyFans to boxing and it has led to a brewing rivalry.

While the two have never met in the ring, they had a fight scheduled last summer which fell through after Wett pulled out due to concerns over her safety.

That has not stopped the pair from exchanging vicious barbs over social media and in person over the past couple of years.

And Brooke has now compared her rivalry to the one between KSI and Paul, who have been taking shots at one another.

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When talkSPORT asked her who her ideal next opponent would be, she said: “Astrid Wett is obviously the big one, that would be my Jake Paul to KSI.

“KSI said he’d retire once he’d fought Jake Paul but, obviously, I’m not going to retire after I’ve beat Astrid.

“I think Astrid is always going to be our main target.”

While a rivalry continues to reach boiling point with Wett, facing UFC legend Ronda Rousey is also on Brooke’s to-do list.

KSI has a major rivalry with Paul


KSI has a major rivalry with Paul
Paul and KSI are yet to meet in the ring though


Paul and KSI are yet to meet in the ring thoughCredit: Instagram / @jakepaul

Brooke added: “I’d love to do an exhibition with Ronda Rousey… And Little Bellsy, she’s another star coming up on [boxing events] Misfits.

“So, she will be good as well and she’s long, rangy and lighter, more my original weight.

“So, it would be good to go down weight because I’m sick of tired of fighting these big c****.

“Like, why am I fighting people who are 5ft 10 and 65.5kg? And then they rehydrate. I’m only 5ft 1in.

“Why did I agree to do this? It’s because there’s no one to fight in my weight and then I’m like, ‘why did I have this challenge?'”

Brooke has won all three of her bouts so far, beating AJ Bunker, Faith Ordway and Aleksandra Daniel.

Her next fight comes against Jully Poca in the Kingpyn Semi-finals in Conor McGregor’s hometown of Dublin.

But while she has waded into the world of combat sports, can she see McGregor going the other way and joining OnlyFans?

Elle Brooke has won all three fights so far


Elle Brooke has won all three fights so farCredit: Getty

Brooke said: “I think he’s rich enough not to make an OnlyFans.

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“I don’t think he needs to, he’s so rich.

“There’s rich and then there’s Conor McGregor. If his whisky doesn’t do well and he wants to venture into more things, why not do OnlyFans?”

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