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  • Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

Paul Gascoigne seen shaking during interview with Channel 4 as fans say it shouldn’t have been broadcast


Jun 19, 2023
Paul Gascoigne seen shaking during interview with Channel 4 as fans say it shouldn't have been broadcast

Fans were critical of Channel 4 for broadcasting an interview with Paul Gascoigne ahead of England’s Euro 2024 qualifier on Monday night.

The Three legend was present for the match at Old Trafford which saw England thump North Macedonia 7-0.


Gazza was interviewed on Channel 4Credit: Channel 4

Broadcasting the match was Channel 4, who managed to get an interview with Gascoigne at Old Trafford pre-match.

But the former Tottenham and Newcastle star did not look well and his right hand was seen shaking during the interview.

It led to criticism from viewers, who could not believe that the interview was allowed to go out.

One fan wrote: “Poor Paul Gascoigne, he appears really unwell on live TV and people slam him.

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“He has an illness called alcoholism guys! It’s like any other so lay off! CH4 made a mistake there.”

Another posted: “Why on earth are Channel 4 putting Paul Gascoigne on as a pundit?

“He can barely stand up. No one wants to see him in this way… I for one want to remember him as the footballing genius that he was.”

Gazza was seen shaking in his interview


Gazza was seen shaking in his interviewCredit: channel 4

A third wrote: “Let’s remember the Paul Gascoigne the footballer. Shame on you Channel 4, putting him up for interview when he is clearly not up to it.”

Another put: “I fear he probably won’t be with us much longer.”

“That’s the worst that I have seen him sadly,” a fifth posted.

And this fan said: “I admire you as a great football reporter Kelly [Somers] that’s why you should of [sic] refused to do that interview.

“C4 have exploited a vulnerable England legend for viewing figures!”

Gascoigne has been renowned for his brilliant footballing ability but has struggled with alcoholism throughout his life.

Despite his problems, he is still remembered as one of England’s greatest ever footballers, hailed for special moments including his wonder goal against Scotland at Euro 96.

He has frequently attempted to rehabilitate himself but it has only ever provided temporary relief.

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