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Tommy Fury will glance to battle Logan Paul subsequent ‘after he destroys Jake Paul’, reveals father John Fury ahead of showdown with YouTuber


Feb 15, 2023
Tommy Fury will look to fight Logan Paul next 'after he destroys Jake Paul', reveals father John Fury ahead of showdown with YouTuber


John Fury will not be content if Tommy Fury just knocks out Jake Paul, as he also wishes him to beat his brother, Logan Paul.

Tommy and Jake are set to clash in Saudi Arabia on February 26, but even if the Brit emerges victorious he will have to take on ‘The Dilemma Child’ once again as there is a rematch clause inserted on his aspect of the contract.

It is less than two weeks from when Jake and Tommy will clash in the ring


It is fewer than two weeks from when Jake and Tommy will clash in the ring

And, afterwards, John wants his son to fight Jake’s brother, Logan

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And, later on, John wishes his son to struggle Jake’s brother, Logan

“All the superior for us, far more cash,” John explained to talkSPORT, as he reacted to the rematch clause.

“Another large payday for absolutely nothing. He can have three rematch clauses if he needs, set ten in, we’re not bothered.”

John went on to declare that soon after Tommy fights Jake, he will be completely ready to just take on his brother Logan just a week afterwards and wipe out the whole relatives.

“We’re not bothered, for the reason that we can defeat him and his brother on the same night time,” John mentioned.

“We’ll go for [Logan] upcoming, straight away. His brother can have it the up coming week, he can have it on March 2 if he wishes, we’re not bothered.”

So much in Jake’s six battle specialist boxing vocation, he has either knocked out or knocked down just about every opponent he has confronted, but John is not at all involved about his son working with the American social media star‘s ability.

Jake has scored some stunning knockouts in his professional boxing career so far


Jake has scored some beautiful knockouts in his expert boxing career so far

But, John does not believes Jake carries enough power to hurt his son


But, John does not thinks Jake carries plenty of energy to harm his son

“I really don’t make everything of it,” John explained. “Jake Paul cannot beat me, hear, he’s rubbish, garbage, you realize that?

“What do I have to do to explain to you men and women, you cannot do a job that normally takes several years to fantastic in just a handful of quick yrs, he’s in no way fought a correct fighter who’s likely to strike him again.

“Tommy’s likely to hit him again very simple as that, all of them 50-calendar year-previous has been MMA guys, they obtained no head motion, they obtained no motion, they bought no composition, they bought very little.

“It’s like they are significant luggage, the kinds he’s fought have been 50-calendar year-old significant bags on legs, it’s a distinct kettle of fish for a guy bobbing and weaving it with both of those hands and Tommy is heading to definitely ruin him.

“There’s nothing else on Tommy’s intellect, there’s been far too considerably mentioned.

“Let me notify you it is a mismatch, that is how I see it, mismatch.”

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