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Why has Soccer AM been cancelled? Iconic Saturday morning football show is over


May 27, 2023
Why has Soccer AM been cancelled? Iconic Saturday morning football show is over

It’s the end of the line for Soccer AM as the iconic Saturday morning football show came to an end.

Sky announced earlier this year that after nearly 30 years on the air, the company was moving on and looking in a new direction.


Tim Lovejoy and Helen Chamberlain were the hosts during the peak yearsCredit: Sky

But its time is at an end, and the conclusion of the 2022/23 season brings down the curtain on a show that started in 1995 and provided some memorable moments.

It also helped launch the careers of several broadcasters, including talkSPORT’s Andy Goldstein and Max Rushden.

Why has Soccer AM been cancelled?

Ultimately, there are many reasons why Sky have decided to consign it to the history books.

The final episode was held on Saturday, May 27 and descended into chaos when Jack Whitehall swore and had his microphone cut.

Ex-Soccer AM host says Sky ‘missed a trick’ with last ever show as iconic programme ends
Final Soccer AM descends into chaos as Sky forced to mute Jack Whitehall

It will be replaced in its usual 10:30 am spot by Saturday Social.

The hope is that Saturday Social will attract younger audiences because the current cast consists of football YouTubers and content creators.

And that’s one of the reasons the show has been canned because a lot of the original audience are older, and Sky need to find a way to keep young people interested.

Soccer AM has tried to redevelop but it's had its time


Soccer AM has tried to redevelop but it’s had its time

There were also large elements of the show that became outdated and were removed.

The ‘Soccerettes’ section, which wasn’t appropriate involved women wearing their team’s football kit and answering innuendo-strewn questions while being cheered on by male guests and audience.

This was binned in 2015, while the show also had to be put on a ten-second broadcast delay to account for swearing and rude comments.

In its latest version, with Jimmy Bullard and John Fendley, the comedy has remained and the show adapted to the changing times.

But not enough, and the growth of YouTube and ever-changing public perceptions have led to the show’s demise.

There is also a belief within the PR world that its decline started once Tim Lovejoy and Helen Chamberlain left.

Plus, given its previous reputation, many celebrities were afraid of appearing on Soccer AM and having their standing tarnished.

Ultimately, the Saturday morning staple couldn’t shake off its ‘Lad Mag’ past or deal with competition from YouTube.

However, the show will leave a lot of lasting memories for people of certain age up and down the country.

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