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4 misconceptions about info exfiltration


Feb 12, 2023
4 misconceptions about data exfiltration


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Ransomware will get all the fanfare simply because productive assaults lock victims out of their essential units. The company interruption coupled with the big sums of revenue hackers call for make these events entrance-site information and hard for the target to hide. Victims then have to do a complete restoration of their community to make certain the threat actor no extended has obtain.

Some breaches just see the information exfiltrated, but the setting hasn’t been encrypted. Make no slip-up: Disaster restoration is necessary in this case, far too.

According to cyber insurance provider Beazley, data exfiltration was included in 65% of its cyber extortion incidents in the to start with quarter of 2022. With no the organization interruption part of ransomware, the overwhelming majority of info exfiltration instances hardly ever make it to information outlets.

This is also frequent in country-point out attacks, which have picked up considering the fact that Russia invaded Ukraine. A new Microsoft report found that Russian intelligence businesses have amplified network penetration and espionage efforts focusing on Ukraine and its allies. The report phone calls for “a coordinated and in depth tactic to strengthen defenses against the complete variety of cyber destructive, espionage, and affect functions.”


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This highlights why ransomware is not the only menace deserving of cleansing an atmosphere. Irrespective of whether it was just information exfiltration, it’s essential to collect knowledge forensics and have a disaster restoration lover use the report — including details of how the threat actor acquired obtain and compromised the community — to tell how it builds a new, thoroughly clean surroundings.

If a risk actor has attained entry to an ecosystem, it should really be thought of “dirty.” Even if it hasn’t been encrypted, it is important that the natural environment be recovered so it is better secured the up coming time a danger actor attempts to breach it. 

Let’s dive further into four widespread misconceptions about facts exfiltration events and why victims should really just take them as significantly as a ransomware attack.

IT = security

Executives generally think that IT is synonymous with security, but in fact, the functionality of IT is to allow the business features that create earnings. The false impression misplaces pressure on the IT group and results in a protection gap the place the board of directors doesn’t get the insight it desires and the safety team does not get the course it demands.

Too often, we see stability teams lack a senior officer and as a substitute report to IT directors. That’s like obtaining a defensive coordinator report to the offensive coordinator, who studies to the head mentor. Which side of the football group do you consider will get to devote extra in free agency in that scenario?

Companies can resolve this by having a main information safety officer (CISO) that works with the IT team, but studies to the board and describes the danger to the executives so they can make your mind up what their hazard hunger is. The much more that security professionals can quantify their possibility, the improved probability that boards will have an understanding of what’s at stake and act accordingly.

We have received coverage

Security shouldn’t be an afterthought. For occasion, some smaller and mid-sized companies really don’t have the spending plan to aid considerable protection investments and mistakenly believe that that acquiring cyber insurance policy is an satisfactory substitute.

Threat actors are clever sufficient to do reconnaissance on which organizations have coverage and basically examine their policies to recognize how a lot would be lined in a ransom payment. This tells them precisely how considerably they can demand from customers to power the victim’s hand.

Insurers are mandating new controls like multifactor authentication (MFA) or endpoint detection and reaction to temper their danger in covering purchasers. Even so, this isn’t foolproof and can be just a different box for a enterprise to check out when it’s wanting to get protection.

For instance, if you buy an endpoint protection resource but don’t correctly deploy it or in shape it to their requirements, it won’t safeguard your details. In accordance to Beazley, organizations are far more than 2 times as likely to expertise a ransomware assault if they have not deployed MFA.

We’re nonetheless operational, so we’re wonderful

If a victim hasn’t been locked out, it is tempting to attempt to conduct organization as typical and ignore what just transpired to the community. What these victims really don’t notice is — if they do not cleanse their setting — the risk actors continue to have command and regulate capacity.

A firm that normally takes cybersecurity very seriously is going to call its insurer and enlist the assist of a digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) lover to analyze indicators of compromise and establish a new, clean up, secure IT ecosystem.

A excellent DFIR associate can do the job on a ordinary servicing routine and cleanse your network in phases for the duration of your offline hrs and weekends to lessen the effects on your creation atmosphere and hold the danger actors out.

Lightning won’t strike two times

Quite a few victims never understand how lousy their knowledge breach was. They think that, since they weren’t encrypted, they can make slight adjustments to their firewall and imagine they’ll be far more safe relocating forward.

That only is not plenty of action to consider. According to Cymulate’s the latest Details Breaches Examine, 67% of cybercrime victims within the final yr have been strike a lot more than after. Just about 10% seasoned 10 or a lot more assaults!

Menace actors publish and promote information on the darkish net, and if you are not guaranteed how they got in to start off with and you don’t create a new, clean natural environment … nicely, you can almost certainly guess what comes about following. They are going to arrive back into your network and they are going to assault tougher than they did just before.

Victims of information exfiltration need to understand how actual that risk is, take a close glimpse at their network, and deploy the good defenses to maintain risk actors out. The expense of inaction could be devastating.

Heath Renfrow is cofounder of Fenix24.


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