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Executives explore the cutting edge of AI at the Transform 2023 Leadership Summit


Jun 1, 2023
Executives explore the cutting edge of AI at the Transform 2023 Leadership Summit


Companies ahead of the AI game aren’t just slightly ahead of the curve – they’re already miles ahead. That’s where the executive Leadership Summit, happening July 12th at Transform 2023, comes in. It’s a private, off-the-record space for leaders to dive into the ways AI is disrupting the technology landscape across the globe, what they need to know to position their companies at the bleeding edge, and learn what their peers are up to in their own enterprises – the opportunities, the challenges, and how they’re addressing them. 

The Summit kicks off with a keynote and networking luncheon, then breaks out into five concurrent round table discussions. Each hour-long conversation brings together no more than 20 participants, for intimate and frank conversations about some of the most critical AI considerations today. Don’t miss your spot – there’s only limited space, so register soon.

About the breakout conversations

Facilitators will guide each of the breakout conversations, digging deep into each topic and encouraging meaningful exchanges of knowledge, experience and insights. To encourage open dialogue, each of the sessions will follow the Chatham House Rule, which states that any information gleaned can be freely used, but the identity and affiliation of the speakers and participants must remain confidential.  

Here’s a look at the five discussion topics on offer (participants choose one):

1. Reducing bias with explainable AI

Implementing a rigorous validation process is key to ensuring the explainability and viability of AI models before they are deployed into customer-facing environments. In this session, Wells Fargo will share how they approached this and lead a discussion about how to apply the lessons they learned in other arenas.

2. Environmentally sustainable AI

This discussion will explore the ways in which AI development and deployment impacts the environment, exploring how to mitigate environmental impacts such as energy consumption, resource utilization and more.

3. Creating guidelines and transparency to foster responsible AI

How can enterprises develop AI that is accountable, transparent and fair? In this session participants will discuss establishing clear ethical guidelines, addressing bias in AI, and creating sustainable transparency.

4. Communicating risk while managing security

This session will explore how to manage cybersecurity as a risk domain, and how to communicate cyber risk to the board and other non-technical business stakeholders.

5. Managing the impact of AI on the workforce with technology and human partnerships

As AI continues to evolve and transform the nature of work, what are the opportunities for human and technological collaboration? Participants will discuss the complex relationship between the workforce and AI, and explore ways to move forward and find balance in this evolving landscape.

At the end of the hour-long sessions, all groups will come together for a debrief of each discussion, sharing key insights and considerations. 

The Leadership Summit welcomes senior product, brand, innovation and marketing execs (VP+) from across industries. To learn more, head over to the Transform 2023 landing page. And if you’re a senior level executive, register now – space is limited! Every registration to the Leadership Summit includes access to the full Transform event.  

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