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Now is the time: Let’s discuss generative AI in a critical peer-to-peer setting


Jun 20, 2023
Now is the time: Let's discuss generative AI in a critical peer-to-peer setting


Generative AI is the most transformative trend this year and growing at a faster pace than any AI technologies that have come before it, which has sparked a genuine industry-spanning uproar.

This makes right now a critical time for candid discussions about the strengths and weaknesses of the technology — about what the landscape really looks like. And doing that with peers outside your own organization, who have been in the trenches, who are about to jump in, is one of the best ways to get true perspective on the opportunities and challenges the technology presents. These conversations are what will shape the future of generative AI. 

That’s why VB’s flagship event, VB Transform: Get Ahead of the Generative AI Revolution, was not only designed to help leaders get ahead of the generative AI transformation, but made networking a top priority. 

Join your peers on July 11 and 12 live in San Francisco to learn how companies can get a foothold in a terrain that’s already evolving at breakneck speed. The event connects executives from top companies who are grappling with generative AI now, both new to the game and ahead of the curve, offering everything from structured roundtable discussions to happy hours, technology showcases and more.

Here’s a look at the biggest opportunities to meet, greet and get a grip on the biggest AI technology to come down the pike in ages.

Showcase and Innovation Alley

VB Transform will welcome leading emerging companies at the Showcase and Innovation Alley to share cutting-edge generative AI solutions shaping the future of AI and revolutionizing the enterprise ecosystem. Come watch the Showcase, where several companies are invited to present their innovative AI products to an expert panel for an in-depth discussion of the technology’s potential. And when you explore Innovation Alley, you’ll have the opportunity to talk to and connect with the tech innovators invited to demonstrate the projects they’re developing now. 

Invitation-only Roundtables

These roundtable events are designed to foster intimate discussions and share unique insights from industry experts and peers.

For instance, on July 11th at 12:20pm, Ryan Willette, VP global customer success and solution engineering at Treasure Data, and Gail Muldoon, data scientist at Stellantis will share their expertise and insights into harnessing AI-driven customer insights to unlock new possibilities for efficient growth. They’ll explore real-world examples, strategies and metrics, answer questions, and offer space for meaningful discussions. 

Exclusive Receptions and Lunches

Women in AI Breakfast: On July 11 at 7:30 a.m., women leaders in AI will enjoy an invitation-only, closed-door reception and breakfast for a thought-provoking discussion around the acceleration of emerging technologies, and why diverse teams are critical to tech product development. It’s an opportunity to meet top women executives across the industry, enjoy some excellent breakfasting, and weigh in on some of the most pressing concerns for women leaders in AI. 

The Women in AI Awards: These awards, taking place July 11 at 5:30 p.m., recognize extraordinary women leaders in the AI industry for their accomplishments, thought leadership and ingenuity. Winners are selected based on their commitment to the industry, their work to increase inclusivity in the field, and their positive influence in the community.

Hosted table discussions with peers

For more focused discussions, birds-of-a-feather networking offers the opportunity to sign up for VB-hosted table discussions with like-minded peers, in twelve sessions over two days. See below for details on each session, hosted by our VB editorial team.

Host: Michael Nuñez, VB Editorial Director

The Future of Content Creation with Generative AI
How can generative AI tools transform the way we produce and consume content across domains, what are the benefits and challenges, and how can we ensure the quality, ethics, and originality of the generated content? 

Generative AI for Customer Service
Generative AI can improve customer service by generating natural language responses, automating FAQs, providing personalized recommendations, and enhancing customer engagement – what are the best practices and challenges, and how can we ensure quality, consistency, and trustworthiness?

Host: Carl Franzen, VB Head of News

Imitation vs. Inspiration: Generative AI for Design and Imagery
With image-generating tools likeSudowrite, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion offering a whole new way of creating imagery and design, how should marketing and other enterprise decision makers navigate the tensions between human creativity and automation?

Prompt Engineering: Critical 21st Century Skill or Modern Day Punchcard? 
Prompt engineering, the art of designing inputs to elicit desired responses from generative AI models and tools, could make a profound difference for organizations – or might be the modern equivalent of punchcards. Come debate the usefulness of prompt engineering for the long term. 

Host: Sharon Goldman, VB Senior Writer and Editor

How the C-suite views generative AI
What are the ethical considerations and strategic implications of generative AI, and how are tech teams are talking to their boards and C-suites about leveraging it safely, building trust and transparency, and creating realistic expectations?

Tackling generative AI risk, governance and compliance
This roundtable discussion aims to explore the challenges and best practices associated with managing AI-related risks, ensuring regulatory compliance, and implementing effective governance frameworks.

Host: Louis Columbus, VB Contributing Journalist

Closing the gap between identity and endpoint security with GenAI
Why do endpoint sprawl and over-configuration make identity breaches hard to stop, and how can enterprises close the gap between identities and endpoint security with generative AI and machine learning?

Generative AI for Cyberattack Detection and Response
Join this discussion on the ways generative AI help detect and respond to cyberattacks, the advantages and challenges, and how to ensure the accuracy, reliability, and timeliness of generated models and simulations.

Host: Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer at GamesBeat

Generative AI for Virtual Reality and Gaming
How can generative AI help virtual reality and gaming developers create and edit immersive environments, characters, scenarios, and interactions, what are the benefits and limitations, and how can we ensure the quality, diversity, and ethics of generated content? 

Can gaming AI simulations lead us to general artificial intelligence?
In this panel, explore the question of whether gaming AI simulations have the potential to lead to the development of general artificial intelligence, share perspectives on the current state of gaming AI, and how simulations will continue to gain intelligence – and someday, maybe sentience?

Host: Matt Marshall, VB Founder and CEO

How generative AI will transform enterprise data and analytics
Explore how generative AI can revolutionize enterprise data and analytics by enabling natural language queries across databases, data lakehouses, and data lakes, the challenges and opportunities of generative AI for enterprises across levels of maturity, and more.

How to make large language models smarter with structured data and external APIs
Discuss how companies like OpenAI and Google are racing to introduce new techniques that could make LLMs more intelligent and accurate, and what this means for enterprises that want to leverage generative AI for various applications.

Don’t miss out on these critical networking experiences at VB Transform, the premier event where industry leaders unite to shape the future of AI integration and optimization. Connect with leaders across industries to share strategies and best practices, and leave with actionable insights and blueprints for success in the generative AI era. 

Register now for VB Transform, while tickets last! 

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