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Taking care of info migration complexity in the real world


Feb 19, 2023
Managing data migration complexity in the real world


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Facts migrations are much too typically considered about as just a very simple “lift and shift” of details from one procedure to yet another. In numerous circumstances, organizations are grappling with what is referred to as an “N to 1” migration, in which they need to have to acquire details from several destinations and migrate it into one particular new location.

Many others are dealing with what are recognised as 1:N migrations, in which they’re heading from one particular program to quite a few techniques. Nevertheless some others facial area an “N:N” obstacle, the place they’re seeking to move from quite a few systems to a distinct established of several units.

This adds far a lot more complexity. The facts is typically in distinctive formats, and you’re striving for a uniform output. It is nearly like MTV’s The True Globe: The tale of 7 strangers picked to live in a residence and have their life taped. In other terms, coming jointly as a single team that must function adequately. When it arrives to N to 1 migrations, let us hope there is a whole lot a lot less drama in our makes an attempt to “start acquiring serious.”

The will need for N to 1 migration

Mergers are an noticeable instance of the will need for an N to 1 or an N to N migration. So is digital transformation. When corporations are using the opportunity to reimagine their technological innovation landscape, getting gain of cloud technological innovation or the most current ERP systems, they are heading to have regional and nearby disparate techniques that they will want to deliver together.


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The guarantee of digital transformation is that anything is chatting to every single other, and you have entry to every thing. Well, to make that transpire, you require to split down silos. Probably you have just one ERP operating your South American business and a different a single managing your North American small business, but what you want to do is check out to procure for your enterprise across your total landscape.

You want to unify your devices, not just in a reporting feeling but in a genuine transactional, execution feeling. It is unusual for men and women to adhere with the same type of focus on landscape. When they go into the cloud, of system, they are analyzing transformation, but it is also generally about evaluating the new established of technologies methods. This usually means you’re likely to be shifting to what could be a complete new landscape, and there is not just a full new system but a entire new way of doing the job.

The challenges of N to 1 migration

Let’s say you are migrating from an Iphone to an Android, and you want to get all of your contacts, photographs and other information and facts from 1 cell phone to the other. Which is a relatively quick transfer treatment. But what if it’s been a minimal although given that you did a appropriate transfer or you never transferred data from your earlier two phones? What if you now want to bring all the details from your 2011 BlackBerry, your aged Apple iphone and that flip mobile phone you initially experienced to the new cellphone? Properly, then it will become a bit much more tough.

For businesses wanting to do details migrations, there’s a parallel. A very simple 1:1 migration has its share of challenges, but those people are multiplied as far more legacy devices come into scope. Shifting facts from issue A to issue B is an already-solved technological dilemma. The company challenge turns into figuring out wherever to shift the data and no matter whether it is being moved in a way that can run your small business how you want in the new system.

N to 1 results in being nearly as massive of a men and women problem as it is a specialized challenge: You have to have versatility, and there is a whole lot of adjust management concerned. It’s when you want to provide data into 1 uniform platform from a multitude of various resources that it truly begins to get challenging. Just like in The Authentic Planet — the additional men and women, the a lot more drama.

In several circumstances, it’s not just a “many to 1” migration it is a “many to many” migration. The far more stakeholders and the far more potential challenges there are, the bigger the need to have for modify administration, agility and quick simulation, but also the far more opportunity payoff in terms of gains at the close of the migration.

Bringing it all collectively

To continue on the The Authentic Planet metaphor, you have acquired these folks (in our case, systems) who have grown up and been parented with really various models — and now you’re making an attempt to make them work together. Carrying out this also normally sales opportunities to many micro-projects that aren’t constantly anticipated. It is truly just about additional men and women and extra opinions associated, and that places a larger emphasis on agility.

A single of the 1st matters is getting the stakeholders’ visibility and tactically touching their details in these new systems to see if their assumptions meet actuality. You have to be well prepared for change count on iterative cycles. That usually means you need a migration option that can cope with iterations and work with agility in the serious environment.

Dealing with the details fact

The final point you require in the course of a info migration is a whole lot of drama. You want your info to get together, to combine properly and provide its goal in its proper spot. Today’s facts migrations are considerably extra complex than a “lift and shift” solution can take care of. It demands men and women and technologies that operate with each other to make the migration a good results.

 Matt Wagnon is VP of product or service administration at Syniti.


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