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Dubai Desert Safari: What To Count on On A Desert Safari In Dubai | 2023


May 3, 2023
Dubai Desert Safari


At the rear of all the glitz and glamor of Dubai, the metropolis is a desert land. The desert is in which the Arab tribes lived in the past. Even though the population in the desert is dwindling, the Emiratis of Dubai have not enable go of their Bedouin lifestyle and traditions entirely. This can be found by way of the desert safari tour in Dubai. The desert safari in Dubai is your chance to stop by the desert and love the natural beauty of the spot and get to know about the Bedouin society. Also, the desert safari is also stuffed with fun and adventurous activities that will preserve you engaged and entertained. With this observe, allow us look at some of the most entertaining items to do on a Dubai desert safari for family and good friends.

Dubai Desert Safari


1 of the highlights of the desert safari is the adventurous routines it gives. From straightforward fun to heart-pounding functions, the desert safari is loaded with points that will kickstart your desert safari tour with a bang.

Dune Bashing

Just one of the most sought-right after desert safari activities, dune bashing is akin to a rollercoaster experience. The dune bashing session comes about in a 4×4 car wherever a experienced driver expertly maneuvers the car or truck around the high and minimal sand dunes of the desert. It is exhilarating, still fully risk-free, as the dune-bashing cars are geared up with basic safety devices. The dune bashing session normally lasts for 30 minutes and the up and down actions of the automobile will hold you on the edge of your seat.

Camel Riding

The camel is these types of an integral component of the desert that the desert safari are unable to be entire with out using on one particular. As you climb on a camel, you will get to practical experience how it feels to journey in the desert though driving on a camel. Most morning and night desert safari Dubai provides camel using that lasts just for a few of minutes. On the other hand, if you want to trip on a camel for a longer time, it is greatest to opt for a camel driving desert safari, the place you will get to experience on a camel for 30-40 minutes.


Whilst camel using on the desert is interesting, you can make it a very little more adventurous by attempting sandboarding. Sandboarding is like snowboarding but on sand. You connect your legs to a sandboard and consider to slide down the sand dunes. Though any individual can check out sandboarding, it may possibly get a little bit of practice to finally get it. Most desert safaris have a tour manual who will give you guidelines about how to sandboard on the desert. Pay attention to their advice very carefully, and you will have a lot more chances to make it a achievement.

Quad Biking

If you adore dune bashing and want to have the experience of driving a automobile above the sand dunes, quad biking is some thing you will delight in. Quad bike is an ATV (all-terrain automobile) that will give you the opportunity to generate on the curvy sand dunes of the desert. Directions and basic safety equipment will be supplied at the desert camp. Equally, buggy rides are also accessible at the desert camp for people fascinated.

Hot Air Balloon Riding

The very hot air balloon journey is not a component of the regular desert safari. You need to have to reserve it independently, and it normally arrives with the morning desert safari Dubai. The hot air balloon trip commences early in the early morning, even before dawn. As you float above the desert, you get to enjoy a wonderful sunrise and also the sight of the beautiful desert. Also, if you are fortunate, you will also get to witness the flora and fauna of the desert throughout your very hot air balloon experience.


The Dubai desert safari is action packed with so many adventurous functions. But that is not it all about. Several entertaining functions await you at the Bedouin-type desert camp. 

Sunrise And Sunset

Each dawn and sunset in the desert are wonderful. While dawn is a element of the early morning Dubai desert safari, you will get to look at the sunset in the course of the evening desert safari. If you want to witness both equally, you must decide for an overnight desert safari. The sunshine coloring the entire desert in an orange hue is a thing you can witness at dawn. Furthermore, the stunning sunset in the desert soaks the spot in a golden hue, producing it best to simply click some lovely pictures.  

Exciting Activities

Once you are carried out with adventurous functions (even if you do not want to indulge in them), you can head inside of the desert camp the place many enjoyment pursuits await you. You can click on pictures sporting the conventional Arabic apparel (kandoura for gentlemen and abaya for girls). You can also get a henna tattoo on your palms or arms. Yet another entertaining matter to do right here is obtaining clicked while holding a falcon on your wrist. Individuals interested can also try out shisha smoking at the desert camp.

Dance Performances

As the sunshine sets and the desert camp glitters in artificial lights, you get completely ready for some marvelous dance performances. Listed here, you will get to see some beautiful moves by a tummy dancer. A incredible dance overall performance by a Tanoura dancer as he spins about innumerable times will not fall short to awe you. Some desert safari excursions also consist of the incredible fireplace display in their itinerary.

BBQ Evening meal

If you are likely on an evening desert safari, you will get to get pleasure from a delightful BBQ supper. The evening meal at the desert safari features a three-system food comprising appetizers, key course, and dessert. The menu is made up of both Emirati dishes and global dishes. Most desert safari tours incorporate dishes that cater to folks of all age groups, which includes small children. Moreover, you will also come across vegetarian and non-vegetarian solutions at the desert safari meal. If you are likely for a early morning desert safari, you may perhaps be taken care of with a tasty Emirati breakfast alongside with Arabic tea and espresso.

Closing Thoughts

So, you see, the Dubai desert safari is an awesome combination of journey, leisure, and good food. Whether or not you choose morning, night, or overnight desert safari, you are certain to have an wonderful time in the deserts of Dubai. 

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