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This $70 App Aims to Help Entrepreneurs Fit Personal Growth into Their Daily Lives


Apr 1, 2023
This $70 App Aims to Help Entrepreneurs Fit Personal Growth into Their Daily Lives


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Up to 25% of business owners say they work more than 60 hours a week. While that doesn’t leave much time for personal growth, it doesn’t mean you have to stop learning or growing; You just have to make it fit into your busy schedule. Headway is an app that pulls actionable insights from well-known non-fiction books. Getting through a full book may take days or weeks, but you can work through a Headway insight in minutes. If you want to start putting growth back in your daily agenda, get a lifetime subscription to Headway Premium during the Spring Digital Blowout while it’s only $69.99.

While the life of an entrepreneur is pretty packed, it only takes 15 minutes to work through an insight from Headway. Start inserting personalized learning sessions throughout your day and learn new things without compromising your work or personal time. Summaries can be read or listened to in audio formats narrated by professional voice actors.

Headway insights are gathered from best-selling non-fiction books, but they do not replace the book itself. If you find an insight that you resonate with strongly, that might be a sign to read the book from which it came. You’ll also get personalized recommendations and relevant content for your areas of interest.

Join 15+ million users in turning personal growth into a habit with rewards. As you work through your daily insights, you can track your progress and collect achievements. Or, as a TechCrunch reviewer puts it, “Creating gamifying elements on the Headway app has partially met the need to study with excitement, not boredom.”

During the Spring Digital Blowout, you can get a Premium Lifetime Subscription to Headway for $69.99 (reg. $299) — a best-of-web price!

Prices subject to change.

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