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6 Sorts of Horse Footwear and Their Variations (With Photos)


Feb 23, 2023
Black and white horse hoofs with horseshoe


Black and white horse hoofs with horseshoe

Horses that put on footwear do so for a wide variety of good reasons, which includes hoof and foot safety, hoof fortification, improved balance and traction, and to stop the sporting down of the hoof.  In the long run, regardless of whether or not a horse wears footwear comes down to the horse’s person wants.

We’re all common with what a horseshoe seems like, but did you know that there are various sorts of horseshoes, each individual formed in different ways and intended to cater to different wants? In this put up, we’ll introduce six prevalent varieties of horseshoes and how they vary from a single an additional.

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The 6 Forms of Horse Sneakers

1. Concave

Concave horseshoes are a person of the most well-liked varieties of shoes for horses that are ridden thanks to their versatility—they’re what you could simply call the “all-rounder” of the horseshoe planet. The concave shoe is built to give a lot more grip, avoid slipping, and support the hoof and foot spot in common. In addition to basic riding, concave shoes are in some cases made use of in occasions and sports.

Concave horseshoes are also very light-weight, even if the shoe needs to be made wider or thicker for the horse’s requires. The more traction these footwear can give goes a extensive way in conditions of escalating each the horse’s and rider’s self confidence in navigating many kinds of terrain. All that stated, however concave sneakers are acceptable for quite a few horses, some horses may well profit much more from a different style.

2. Plain Stamp

Simple stamp horseshoes are flat, grooveless shoes normally used for weighty horses, driving horses, and horses that take component in athletics. They’re protective but aren’t superior for traction, which is why they are usually used in sports activities. This is for the reason that horse sports arenas can be sticky, indicating fewer traction is important to stop personal injury.

On the other hand, if your horse requires far more traction, for example, if they’re normally out on the roadways, basic stamp sneakers could possibly not be the greatest alternative since they can be slippery.

3. Fullered/Creased

The fullered horseshoe—also identified as a “creased” or “3/4 fullered shoe”—is a heavier kind of horseshoe made to be wider than the foot and assist the heels. For this reason, fullered sneakers are sometimes worn by horses with foot ailments.

They have additional grip than simple stamp sneakers but never supply as considerably traction as concave shoes. If your horse wants a lightweight shoe that presents excellent traction, fullered footwear may well not be the finest alternative.

4. Glue-on Shoes

Glue-on plastic horseshoes are an alternate possibility for horses with delicate or distressing toes on which hammering would not be a very good idea. These may possibly also be proposed for horses that are frightened of the loud hammering sounds or horses in the transitional stage in between shod and heading barefoot.

This variety of horseshoe lasts just as extensive as standard metal horseshoes and is utilized with a exclusive sort of adhesive which is safe and sound for horses.

5. Heart Bar Shoes

Also identified as “frog support” sneakers, heart bar shoes are typically used when a horse requires foot or hoof therapy. These shoes can supply support to horses encountering a range of problems, which include people that could render a horse lame.

The heart bar shoe shape is built to just take the excess weight off of agonizing or ruined regions, which can help assistance horses with damaged hoof partitions. This layout guarantees that the bodyweight is transferred to the frog, therefore enabling the weakened location to begin healing whilst at the identical time building the horse more comfy.

6. Purely natural Balance 

Pure Harmony horseshoes do the job by reducing anxiety on the navicular bone, which is situated in the rear of the coffin joint in a horse’s hoof, with the supreme goal currently being to defend the place and the tendons, tissues, and ligaments in just from the forces of pulling and typical tension. Normal Stability footwear may be advised for horses suffering from back again and foot concerns or that usually stumble or forge (when the hind foot arrives into make contact with with the front foot in the course of trotting or walking, ensuing in a “clunking” or “clicking” sound).

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Will have to All Horses Be Shod?

No, the determination as to no matter if to shoe a horse will come down to what is finest for the horse. Some horses will need to dress in shoes simply because they have issues with stability, require further traction to navigate particular sorts of terrain, or have foot and/or hoof disorders that necessarily mean further help is important.

If you are not sure no matter if shoeing would benefit your horse specially, remember to talk about it with your vet and farrier.

Are Horseshoes Agonizing for Horses?

If horseshoes are equipped by anyone who is familiar with what they’re accomplishing, they must not trigger any agony to a horse. The fitting course of action should not be painful, either, due to the fact there are no pain receptors in horse hooves. However, if the fitting is poorly performed, it can lead to discomfort to your horse, so it is intelligent to only let a qualified farrier to do the task.



In transient, there are various sorts of horseshoes, with six of the most common currently being concave, simple stamp, fullered, glue-on, coronary heart bar, and Purely natural Stability. There are so many different types basically since each individual horse has distinctive needs.

Just due to the fact some sneakers are built to in good shape most horses—like the concave—doesn’t imply they’re right for just about every horse. Generally go with a specialist farrier’s advice to make positive your horse is equipped with the correct type of footwear for them.

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