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How Prolonged Can Sugar Gliders Go With out Food stuff & Drinking water? (Details & Care Guidelines)


Mar 7, 2023
Sugar glider

Sugar gliders can go a decently lengthy time without the need of food items. Having said that, they can only go for 3 times without the need of drinking water. They’ll get started declining in advance of that, though, as dehydration could established in after only a couple of several hours. You ought to hardly ever go away a sugar glider without water for this motive. Just like individuals, they need to have access to a clean resource of h2o continually.

If a sugar glider has drinking water but no foods, they may possibly endure a couple of times. However, their blood sugar will drop to risky stages really swiftly. This drop may perhaps lead to neurological signals, like seizures and even coma. They could endure a several days devoid of foodstuff, but those several times won’t be with out any repercussions. Sugar gliders will need to try to eat every day, ideally.


How Do I Know If My Sugar Glider is Dehydrated?

You need to always give your sugar glider h2o. Don’t wait till your sugar glider is dehydrated to offer them with h2o.

In a best environment, giving your sugar glider drinking water would prevent them from becoming dehydrated. On the other hand, it does not usually perform that way. In several cases, sugar gliders may perhaps grow to be dehydrated even with h2o accessible, especially if they are ill. If your sugar glider results in being dehydrated even when h2o is offered, a vet stop by is in order.

Indications of dehydration incorporate sunken eyes, free pores and skin, dry mouth, lethargy, abnormal breathing, and (in extraordinary situations) seizures. Sugar gliders are quite compact, so they never will need tons of drinking water. Having said that, if your pet is unwell and they never appear to be consuming, you might want to check out the vet.

Typically, the vet can deliver fluids through an IV. Some incredibly ill sugar gliders might not feel like drinking, and this IV can prevent dehydration although they get better.

Sugar Gliders
Picture Credit score: gayleenfroese2, Pixabay

Do Sugar Gliders Want to Eat Every single Working day?

Of course. Sugar gliders are incredibly small, so they have to have to consume routinely. In any other case, their blood sugar may well drop to perilous amounts, causing seizures and identical difficulties. You really should feed your sugar glider about 15–20% of their overall body pounds each working day. They only weigh a number of ounces, however, so this is not that substantially meals. This typically boils down to a couple tablespoons of food stuff a day.

What you feed your sugar glider is crucial, as well. They’ll need a couple teaspoons of dietary pellets and a few teaspoons of fresh new foodstuff every working day. Research what your sugar glider requirements to take in and constantly feel totally free to access out to your vet for strategies. You can also talk to the breeder that you invest in the sugar glider from, as they are generally the most available authorities in the industry.

Of class, constantly deliver your sugar glider with contemporary water, as properly. They need h2o a lot more normally than they need to have foodstuff to avert dehydration. H2o is a vital aspect of their diet, far too.

Do Sugar Gliders Get Ill Effortlessly?

Sugar gliders are not prone to illness if they are cared for effectively. Poor diet regime can make them far more vulnerable to illness, though. Just like human beings, sugar gliders have to have certain nutrition to thrive. Without the need of these vitamins, they can promptly turn into deficient and additional inclined to sickness. Be confident to feed your sugar glider adequate of the proper foods. Limit calorie-major snacks that really don’t include numerous natural vitamins or minerals.

Sugar gliders are specially inclined to dehydration. They’re very modest, so they call for loads of recurrent sips of drinking water. Leaving them without the need of drinking water for only a couple hours can induce dehydration. Thus, you have to have to check their water regularly—multiple moments a working day, if possible. Refill it even if it isn’t totally vacant. You should never ever let their drinking water container operate dry, as this can result in dehydration.

Feeding sugar gliders when they’re young is really crucial. If they have nutritional deficiencies when they’re expanding, they could not develop appropriately, resulting in persistent wellbeing conditions. Thus, we remarkably recommend using added care when feeding child sugar gliders. Youthful sugar gliders require even extra regular sips of h2o than adults, so maintaining their drinking water container full is even far more critical.

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Graphic Credit: KAMONRAT, Shutterstock



Sugar gliders are incredibly little. Hence, they involve frequent sips of water and food stuff each day. They tend to get dehydrated speedier than other animals, especially when they are babies so it’s essential that you maintain their h2o comprehensive at all moments. In addition, you need to have to feed them day-to-day to stop their blood sugar from dropping way too reduced.

These animals can only go for 3 days maximum without having h2o. Nevertheless, they’ll working experience dehydration far before that, which can have long-term outcomes if it results in being severe.

Sugar gliders can go only a several times without having food, as very well. They can go for a longer time with no food stuff than h2o, although.

Featured Picture Credit: Arif Supriyadi, Shutterstock

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