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How Very long Can Bearded Dragons Go With no Foodstuff & H2o? (Info & Tips)


Mar 7, 2023
closeup of a bearded dragon


closeup of a bearded dragon

If your bearded dragon isn’t coming about for mealtimes or to get a consume of water, it is only purely natural to speculate how very long they can go with no any food stuff or h2o. So, just how extensive can they make it without the need of possibly one, and when need to you begin to get nervous?

Although we’d enjoy to give you a very clear-lower remedy suitable right here, the truth is that it relies upon on rather a few variables. So, maintain looking through and we’ll split down everything you want to know.

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How Long Can Bearded Dragons Go Devoid of Foods?

If your bearded dragon isn’t coming above for mealtime, there are a number of diverse reasons this may be the circumstance, but they can generally go for a little even though without having food items, even if it is not excellent. The actual quantity of time a bearded dragon can go with out foodstuff depends on a lot of various elements, but a lot of bearded dragons can make it weeks to months without food stuff.

But just mainly because a bearded dragon can go this lengthy without food stuff doesn’t imply you should permit them. Fasting for this prolonged isn’t very good or at ease for your bearded dragon, and if they’re however not feeding on soon after a number of days of presenting them foodstuff, you really should just take them to a vet to try and determine out what is going on.

How Prolonged Can Bearded Dragons Go Without having Water?

Bearded dragons can go a lot extended without the need of foods than without h2o. The opinions on how very long a bearded dragon can go devoid of h2o change quite a little bit, with ranges starting as minimal as 3 times and stretching out to multiple weeks.

The fact is that you should hardly ever withhold h2o from a bearded dragon, but they can get drinking water from a vast array of sources. So even if you imagine your bearded dragon isn’t ingesting any h2o, they may already be finding anything they require.

bearded dragon on a rock
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Major 4 Suggestions for Supplying a Bearded Dragon Ample H2o

If you are apprehensive about your bearded dragon finding ample h2o, you want to consider a stage back and glimpse at all the distinctive approaches a bearded dragon can get drinking water. We have highlighted a several of the most popular strategies for a bearded dragon to get h2o for you listed here:

1. Continue to keep Their Drinking water Bowl Cleanse

Merely supplying a water bowl is what most individuals feel about when they feel of giving their bearded dragon drinking water, and which is due to the fact it most closely resembles the way we consume water. But even though a bearded dragon might use the h2o bowl as a supply to consume from, lots of bearded dragons do not search at a water bowl that way.

They may well view the water bowl as a soaking tub, and they’ll normally defecate and make other messes in it. Mainly because of this, you have to have to adjust the drinking water in the drinking water bowl at least when a working day.

bearded dragon drinking water
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2. Misting Helps

Bearded dragons really do not will need the most humid environments, but they confident do appreciate a superior misting from time to time! Not only will they appreciate the emotion of the misting, but they’ll frequently consume up the drinking water that lands on them.

3. Consuming Hydrates Them As well

When you assume of ingesting you don’t normally believe about h2o, but greens are whole of water. As desert animals bearded dragons are specialists at making use of the drinking water that’s currently within the food stuff.

Given that bearded dragons need to have entry to leafy greens just about every working day of the week and greens about every single other day, there are loads of prospects for them to extract drinking water from their meals!

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4. Think about H2o Drippers

Some persons never like retaining a significant sum of standing h2o in a bearded dragon’s habitat, and a water dripper is a best alternative for that. It controls the amount of money of drinking water getting into the bowl, ensuring your bearded dragon doesn’t get much too significantly or too minimal drinking water.

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A Bearded Dragon’s Diet plan

After your bearded dragon reaches adulthood (close to 18 months) they need to have a diet regime that is made up of 80% crops and 20% insects and bugs. Feed them two times a working day, leaving insects in the cage for about 10 minutes at a time.

Go away fruits and veggies in their enclosure a little bit for a longer time, about 30 minutes every time. This makes sure they have a good deal of time to eat but keeps them from overfeeding. Prevalent bugs for bearded dragons contain mealworms, crickets, earthworms, waxworms, and other sorts of worms.

Prevalent veggies for bearded dragons include kale, celery, mustard greens, carrots, bell peppers, cabbage, pumpkins, and parsnips. Lastly, though you want to deliver fruit on a minimal foundation, these are some safe and sound selections for a bearded dragon as long as you really don’t overdo it: apples, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, plumps, and pineapples.


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Last Feelings

If you believe your bearded dragon is not finding ample foods or h2o or if you’ve seen a drop in how a lot they’re consuming, you must believe in your gut. Acquire them to a vet specializing in exotic animals and categorical your worries.

You may not need to have to take them, but in the conclude, it’s better to perform it protected and make an additional journey to the vet when they really do not will need it rather of not having them when which is definitely what they need!

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